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Jail of Hanoville MB Students Prolonged 15 days
Jail of Hanoville MB Students Prolonged 15 days
Alexandria prosecution headed by attorney general Hamed Sarhan ordered on Thursday July, 12th, 2007 , 45 Muslim Brotherhood (MB) students jailed 15 days .
Friday, July 13,2007 00:00
by Ikhwanweb

Alexandria prosecution headed by attorney general Hamed Sarhan ordered on Thursday July, 12th, 2007 , 45 Muslim Brotherhood (MB) students jailed 15 days .
The students, from several universities, faced investigations last night followed by jail decisions and were moved later to Al-TTarin-based police station .
 The 45 students belong to several governorates nationwide- 7 from Alexandria, 30 from Cairo, 2 from Giza, 2 from Monofiya, 2 from Al Fayyum, 1 from Suez and an 1 from Bani Suwayf. The State Security Police detained them on Friday June, 29, 2007 , while they were spending their summer holiday in the Alexandrian coastal resort of Hanoville and Al-Dikhaila prosecution ordered them jailed .
It is worth mentioning that these detentions are a part of an unjustified and random crackdown currently launched by the Egyptian regime against the Muslim Brotherhood group, since December, 14th 2006 . This crackdown included the detention of hundreds of Muslim Brotherhood (MB) leaders, topped by engineer Khairat Al-Shater the MB’s second deputy chairman, and Dr. Mohamed Ali Beshr a member of the MB Executive Bureau, plus a huge number of businessmen.

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