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"No Summer Vacation" Campaign To Back Families of Military Detainees
Mish Hansayyaf (No Summer Vacation) is a new slogan of a campaign launched by a group of Muslim Brotherhood families to show their solidarity with families of the Muslim Brotherhood leaders referred to the Military Tribunal.
Sunday, June 17,2007 00:00
by Asmaa Shehata, Ikhwanweb

Mish Hansayyaf (No Summer Vacation) is a new slogan of a campaign launched by a group of Muslim Brotherhood families to show their solidarity with families of the Muslim Brotherhood leaders referred to the Military Tribunal. The participants will refrain from going to any summer resort this year in an emotional support to families which are forced to stay at home because their caregivers are behind bars. The campaign, launched on Saturday, June, 16th, 2007, has had a very positive effect on families of the detained MB leaders.
For her part, Asmaa Yasser Abdou, daughter of engineer Yasser Abdou who is referred to a military tribunal :
"It is a source of honour for me to belong to the Muslim Brotherhood. It is a refined and wonderful feeling to sympathize with us in our ordeal even through depriving yourselves of enjoyments. Glorifying this refined feeling, I have remembered that these families have children who shouldn’t be deprived of the happiness of the summer vacation and was about to write a message in my blog urging all families to go on vacation. Any way, I felt this greatly sincere feeling that increased intimacy and love in times of hardships. Regardless of the number of participants or whether this target will be achieved, but this slogan is great in itself as it sends a message to the families of the detained MB leaders that "we are with you and we haven’t forgotten you". It is a duty to say to all of thanks a lot.
Salwa, wife of Dr. Essam Abdul Mohsen who is detained pending the military trial, says:
"Such a campaign is a really wonderful idea as it shows the overflowing feelings of solidarity from Muslim Brotherhood families and youth towards families of fellow leaders who are behind bars on groundless charges. I say to you: thanks a lot for such intimate feelings of sympathy, love and solidarity but I advice you to travel and spend a happy holiday specially after this academic year and you should take time to rest and relax. We only ask you to pray for us and for our husbands and caregivers. We hope that our wishes be realized and accompany you with our husbands who are currently behind bars".
Zahraa Al Shater, whose father engineer Khairat Al-Shater and husband engineer Ayman Abdul Ghani are referred to the military court, says:
"Such a campaign has a positive effect on children who appreciate those showing their solidarity with them while their fathers are detained in Egyptian prisons. We hope all go on vacation and we feel and appreciate your emotional support. This campaign has actually increased our morale. So, thanks a lot for this support."

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