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Era of Elections: More rigging and detainments
At the experimenta school for teachers in Husayniyah-Zagazig  that comprises of 71 committees to 76 Maged Al-Ashqar– first head of bureau of investigation-  expelled deputies and called names at the heads of committees. Security forces at Menya Al-Qamh  kidnapped the deputy of MB candidate Samir Musalhy at the second constituency in Kafr Mit
Tuesday, June 12,2007 00:00
by Ikhwanweb

At the experimenta school for teachers in Husayniyah-Zagazig  that comprises of 71 committees to 76 Maged Al-Ashqar– first head of bureau of investigation-  expelled deputies and called names at the heads of committees.
Security forces at Menya Al-Qamh  kidnapped the deputy of MB candidate Samir Musalhy at the second constituency in Kafr Mit Bashar Village inside the committee.

At Al-Zwamel village the supervising clerks on the electoral committees aborted barvely all attempts to close the committees and confronted blackening the ballots  and prevented the deputy of the official receiver at Belbis center from rigging ballots.

In an attempt to terrorize the electorates, the deputy Nayef Girallah and his brother started shooting before the headquarters at Shubra Al-Inab village.

Dumyat:  Committes were closed by waxing them at 1:00 pm

Before six hours of closing the balloting, security forces and leaders from the National Party at Dumyat waxed committee number 169 with red wax  declaring the end up of balloting and the refusal of votes.

Many constituencies registered today blackening of several ballots in favor for the national party candidates besides discovering that many ballot boxes are full of ballots in Dumyat in the committees 168-168-1150 at Ezbat Al-Burg, Sheikh Durgham, Kafr Hamido and it was noticed that there were 2 microbuses no. 2027-1150 were full of 20 security wearing civil clothes and accompanied by an officer from State Security. After that they started expelling the deputies  and changed the ballots with previously blackened ballots, then they detained three persons then released them before leaving the place.

At Al-Bustan in committees 289-293-2 deputies were expelled and the headquarter was closed and rigging took place. At Aladlyah in committees 284-287-4 deputies were expelled and the previpous scenario took place.

At Al-Shu’raa  in committees 274-276-3 deputies were expelled and the same thing occurred besides there were 2 microbuses numbers 90-3775 were full of thugs and at Al-Sheikh Kidr, in committees no. 264-273-10 there were more than 40  security men and they expelled deputies then they closed the headquarters and rigging took place.

At Al-Shua’raa in the committees specified for women 208-263-6 deputies were expelled and the same scenario occurred. All of these incidents took place at Shatta primary  School committees no. 200-205- besides there were two microbuses no. 1990-4470 and three state security officers who expelled deputies then started rigging elections and among those who  participated in rigging were Wael Ashour- Raafat Ashour-Mahmoud Ashour-Salem Al-Ghadban- Raafat Al-Fiqi. The same occurred at the following committees: at the agriculture school committees no.216-218-2 at the directorate of Zir’ah in committees 219-222-4, at  Gheit Al-Nasara School   in the committees 206-215-10, al Khayatta  in committees no. 169-177-9, at the Anania institution in committees no.239-245-7 and Al-Shahid Farahat in committees 246-251-6.

Meanwhile at Krat  school in committees no.225-1 the head of the committee sconduct himself rigging votes. At the committee Ismailiya village 243 affiliate to kafr saad security forces expelled deputies out then assaulted them after that they closed the doors and allowed only a group of security men in.
Seriously, in an unprecedented incident,  the officer Muhammad Abdel Fatah publicly  rigged votes in the committees of Kafr saad al-balad and Kafr Shehata also he prevented the MB candidate Fekry Al-Adham and his assistants from entering  while Dr, Salah Zaghloul a pharmacist at the National party moved to the committees, blackened all votes in favor for the candidate of the party publicly in the presence of the deputies.
The candidate at the National party Hamdy Shalaby was seen while rigging votes before the supervisors of the committees.

  At Alsalam school at Al-Awamer, several microbuses were seen and a police vehicle standing before the committee and prevented voters from entering (1731-1631).
On the other hand, elections at AlBasarta in committees 301-315-15 were running normally-so far- however, the heads of committees who refuse rigging are replaced with others.

At Eizbat Al-Burg and Al-Sheikh Durgham and Kafr Hamido two microbuses were seen carrying nos. 2027-1150 were full of about 20 persons wearing civil clothes and accompanied with two state security officers namely Hazem Abu Al-Futuh and Muhammad Al-Gindy where they expelled all deputies out, substituted the ballots with previously blackend ballots while at Al-Adlya deputies were expelled, headquarters were closed and rigging took place.

 -Seriously, the officer Muhammad Abdul Fatah  rigged votes publicly at the same committees Kafr Saad Al-Balad and Kafr Shehata.
while Dr, Salah Zaghloul a pharmacist at the National party moved to the committees, blackened all votes in favor for the candidate of the party publicly in the presence of the deputies.

 -At Ezbat Al-Nahda, electorates were prevented to enter to the committees completely and witnesses expressed their pique  when they saw vehicles carrying strange numbers then entered the school, closed the doors, and the same thing occurred at the Al-Basaraita and Awlad Hamam Schoosl where ballots were blackened and electorates were not allowed in.

 -Al Munfyia security ambushes for the exponents of MB in order to detain them Security forces invented another too for deceiving people At AlMu’sasa School in Birkat Al-Sab’a – the security brought a man with a beard yet affiliate to the security forces holding a lap top as if he is one of the MB and consequently people followed him to inquire  about the number of their electoral committees like before and they treated him as if he is sympathetic with MB  after that they arrest him?! Many people fell in this snare. Moreover, rigging in schools and committees werew ongoing and clerks were threatened that if any one refused rigging will be fired after elections.

At Quesina city security forces under the leadership of the officer :

Ashraf Al-Garawani and the officer: Ahmad Tharwat  closed the doors of Fatma Al-Zahraa school with locks where there is a committee for women at Quesina city, deputies were not allowed in as well as electorates …. I guess you know the rest.
Kafr El-Sheikh
Kafr El-Sheikh closes at 2:00 pm

In Kafr El-Sheikh at Al-Hamoul committees were closed and deputies were expelled and instructions were given to the heads of the committees to close committees at 2 o’clock
So Far security are closing the committees in Al-Imdan village (Mansha’at Salam- Baqlola-Al-Imdan), until now Al-Abbasya committees are closing in favor of the candidates of the National Party after deputies were expelled and prevented from entering.
In Baltim, ballots were blackened in favor of the candidates of the National Party in the committees of Al-Hammad and Al-Ayashi and in Riyadh; while committees are closing by the security and the National party, the MB candidate entered eng/ Ashraf Al-Said, after that they assaulted him and accused him of spoiling elections.
MB deputy was expelled and warranty was seized from Mr/ Atia Al-Fiqi whiel the deputy of the national party remained before the electoral headquarters.

The officer: Hossam Al-Baz (Kafr El-=Sheikh investigation) threatened the heads of committees at Kom Al-Hagnah to close the committees and when one of them refused  the officer told him: “Apologize and I will appoint another to close the committee”
In AlIsmailya National party is voting instead of electorates

In Al-Ismailya the ballots were blackened in favor for the candidates of the national party in committees no. 487, 488 at the religious institute Serabiom and the committee 61 at the agriculture society at Um Azam Qasasin-Islamilya.

At Qantara the mayor Anwar Qayed Nassar in Qnatara- ismailya with the aid of the lieutenant/ Ahmad Aulaiman Al-Zamalaot prevented electorates from entering in the committee 21 and voting and told them: “Elections finished”

In the committees 268 to 274 at Al-Mahsama –Ismailya, ballots were blackened  by Ahmad Menesi ( Member at parliament-National party- secretary of peasants) Abdul Hamid Al- Baaly (mayor of Al-Mahmasa) AliHassan (Sherrif) along with the assistance of thugs who prevented electorates from entering and forced those who entered to vote for the candidates of the national party. When Dr, Muhammad Taha Wahdan (deputy of the Egyptian organization for human rights) faced the afore mentioned names with the charge of rigging, Ahmad Menesi replied – the member at the distinguished council (the national party)  said: “You are not in the same shoes of mine”!!!

Suez: Deluding press

In Suez at 12:00 pm security forces detained journalists and reporters of satellite channels under the pretext that they are to met the minister Sameh Fahmy and during this period, rigging was ongoing on a large scale  in several committees like Tal Al-Qalzam, Port Tawfiq, Al-Ganayin, Shandora and Al-Fekriya in Faysal and Said AlBashtaly and the religious institute


Al-Giza: committees were closed by chains and the security surrounded Osim constituency.

In Osim City, security forces closed the committees for women with chains and entrance was not allowed while the committees  for men were closed and security forces enclosed the place and gave instructions to electorates that the gates will open at 2:00 pm while in other committees people are told that voting ended up.

According to Islamonline correspondent Eman Abdul Moneim  said: “the four electoral headquarters in Osim are completely closed, no body is allowed in and I had a permission despite that they prevented me.”
In Al-Baragil: an electoral headquarter (the complex of schools) security closed it completely under the pretext that voting did not start up to 12:30pm!

At Al-Warraq the headquarters of Fatima Al-Zahraa school was closed completely and security forces deployed heavily starting from 5: 00 am and at the Sulaymaniyah, and hanadwa committees elections were running slowly because one by one are  allowed to enter while exponents of MB were not allowed in.

In Al-Manashi no body is allowed in at all.

In Wardan, the headquarters of Atris school was closed especially the outer gate where only one by one are allowed in, deputies were expelled out, and in Kom Al-Ahmar security forces enclosed the committees and  rumored that  elections are abrogated.

In Nahya
, National Party members entered the committees of women and blackened ballots while security men guarded them.
The candidate of the national party Rashwan Al-Zumur is still at the Nahya primary school and did not go out so far, and it is worthy to note that number of votes in this committee is 26000 votes.

The security forces prevented electorates to get closer to the committees and set barricades for long distance  and expelled the foreign correspondents  from Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq  schools while in Kafr Hakin village the policemen rumored that the overwhelming success of MB in elections 2005 will never occur again and in the Bani Magdoul  village the electoral headquarter were closed completely before voters and no body was allowed in from the morning and the National party blackened a number of ballots inside the electoral headquarters.

In Imbaba: all headquarters were closed by great number of security men while policemen at Imbaba at Taha Hussein School yold voters that elections ended up.

Giza: Elections ended at Al-Hawamdeyah constituency at Al-Zuhr prayers!!
Repressive measures practiced by security forces  against voters in the constituency of southern Giza continued  and we can say that security forces decided to end up elections at Zuhr prayers. At that time rigging was ongoing  where votes were rigged almost in all constituencies , and all deputies were expelled and the security forces stood like blockades before voters.
This made the electorates express pique and they considered that the national party and security forces aborted voting barefacedly in the constituency.

In another violation by security, Mahmoud Ismail the head of the bureau of investigations at State security at Al-Hawamdiyah accompanied Adel Naser the member at parliament then both went to Mazgouna constituency at Abu Regwan village then expelled voters and deputies and Mahmoud Ismail told them: “Go home elections are off!!!”

Security state invented a new tool  to suspend voters where they gave instruction that the electoral id should be given first to state security before the voter goes to cast his vote, of course many people were dismissed through this procedure.
Representatives from human rights organizations  were assaulted like Muhammad Mansour the representative of the Egyptian organization for promoting democracy who was beaten by security forces in Al-Badrashin city because he observed many cases of rigging  while state security officers seized his cellular phone and deleted all the taken photos.
Ismailiya: Rigging under the protection of state security

In Ismailuiya some state security officers entered the committee of Abdel Salam Arif no 155-166 holding envelops and survey cards and started putting them in boxes against the will of clerks and deputies  then they took the empty   cards publicly and there are more than one school where the National Party uses the computer to open the propaganda cards and these schools are:

 -Al-Wasfiyah School
 -Abu Sir School
 -Al-Sikkah Al-Hadid School
-Al Qalyubiyah:

 At Al-Shubak  village in Qalyubiyah, in most of the committees there were only one clerk and no voters because security prevented the voters under the pretext “when other clerks come”, it is worthy to note that there is an MB candidate Ahmad Khatab.
At the private Azhari Institute one of the clerks when to cast a vote he found the ballot boxes full although there were no voters.

Bani Suayf: Closing committees is the solution

The following committees are closed: Sayeda Aisha, Umar Abd Alaziz and the committees of Al-Nuayrah village
Voters where prevented in the committees of Baha, Tazment, Zabalfya and Qay besides Sherif Pasha and Hakamna where deputies were expelled
Al-Gharbyah: Candidate discovers rigging

At Al-Gharbiyah the candidate Adel Al-Baramawi the member at the MB parliamentary bloc when he was passing by elections  he found ballot boxes full of votes although there was no one voter when he inquires they replied “We take orders from security  and one third of the committees were closed in favor for the national party where the officer Ayman Shain closes by himself the committees.

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