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Khadiga Malik’s Interview with
Khadiga Malik’s Interview with
I am Khadiga Malik, a fourth year student at the Faculty of Arts, Turkish department, Ain Shams University. My grandfather- Allah had mercy on him- was a successful businessman and had well known factories of textile and ready-made clothes His family included many famous merchants and manufacturers .
Tuesday, August 7,2007 00:00

Introduce your self and Hassan Malik?


I am Khadiga Malik, a fourth year student at the Faculty of Arts, Turkish department, Ain Shams University.

My grandfather- Allah had mercy on him- was a successful businessman and had well known factories of textile and ready-made clothes His family included many famous merchants and manufacturers .


My father started his career before his graduation, with his father. He graduated from the Faculty of Commerce in 1980. Then, he has established trade companies since 1983, the most famous of which was Salsabil software company, the biggest hardware and software company in Egypt at that time.

In 1992, after Salsabil became the biggest company in this field, charges were fabricated and the company was shut down, sending more than 200 workers to the unemployed lines. He was thrown behind bars under provisional detention for a year without directing any charge. The case wasn’t heard before justice .

After he was released, he started again his businesses and established several companies that have become currently famous in many fields in Egypt, like Istiqbal for furniture, Sarar for ready-made clothes and raw material businesses. He is currently employing more than 500 employees his companies.


What happened on the detention night?


The night of may father’s detention was carved in my memory and will not forget. I witnessed all this incident. On Dec., 22nd

, 2006, father mother and elder brother were supposed to travel to perform pilgrimage. Their flight was to take off at 6.00PM.


I was to stay at home with other brothers and sisters because we had exams and for this we did not travel with them. At about 5.00PM, mother called me from the airport and told me while crying that father was denied traveling while he was wearing clothes of pilgrimage. "where is he now" I asked her.

She said she does not know and that they asked him to firstly check at the security office before traveling and that he may travel tomorrow.


After half an hour, father called me and asked me to send one of my brothers to the airport with a bag of his clothes.

I did not ask why, because I was actually shocked and did not know what was happening.

After another half an hour, father returned home and was trying to pacify us and did not want to show us any sign of the tension he was feeling.


I realized at this time that he wanted a bag because he was wearing the clothes of pilgrimage and wanted to change his clothes before coming home.


After that, I asked him why he didn’t travel, and he told me he didn’t know but he thought they put his name in the no fly list. He was denied travel several times since he was released in 1992. Whenever he wanted to travel, he was obliged to check at the security office, but they dropped his name from the no fly list about two years ago.

At 01.00 at midnight I woke up hearing so much noise with my brother Ahmed (17 years ) trying to prevents many people from entering my room because I was not wearing the veil. He gave me a scarf to to cover my hair.


These people were the state security forces. All of them were armed and they seized all mobiles in the house.

They waked my other brothers and took them by force from their bedrooms and cramped all of us in one single room preventing us from going anywhere. We didn’t know what was happening outside for 1 1/2 hours. After that, my father entered the room carrying my young sister Aisha (10 years) who was asleep and he put her beside us. I went to him and asked him crying: What will happen?.

He was trying to pacify us and said to me: Keep calm, you have an exam in the morning.

He left us and went to them again. The state security forces were ransacking every corner in the house.


After a while, an officer came to me and said to me:" Open this box". The box was mine and it was in my room. It contained some moneys for the house budget. My father left this money for us to spend while he performs pilgrimage. When I opened it and he found only a few money he left it. Then he asked me to open the safe in my mother/ father bedroom. When I opened it he found only my mother’s jewels. He ordered me to close the safe again. After that he ordered the soldiers to seize all the safe including mother’s jewls inside it.


They continued searching the house until six o’clock in the morning. At the end, they detained my father.




What is the effect of detention on you?



After the detention, I faced a very difficult test. Overnight, I became responsible for my brothers and sisters because my mother was to travel with my elder brother and I and my brothers and sisters had exams.


This detention taught me and brothers many lessons. As for me, it affected me so much and I became more responsible and more proud of my father. As for my younger brothers and sisters, they became more mature and responsible. I always said to my mother after the detention: If we tried to teach my brothers and sisters for long years this sense of desire to defend their religion and this insistence on spreading the issue of their father’s detention  and that he faced oppression and that he was detained because he wants to reform this country, they wouldn’t reach this level of strength.


What is the message you want to send to Hassan Malik?


My dear father to whom I am proud to belong

Despite the heavy feeling of pain and oppression due to your suffering under these injustices, I am sure that Allah elevated our rank to a level foe which we must thank him.


Despite this horrible injustice, I feel that Allah will not let us down, because we have exerted all our efforts to fight corruption and corruptors, help the poor, build our homeland which we love, and publish values of justice, freedom, dignity, mercy and equality.

I pray Allah every night to accepts our deeds and be pleased with us, and support us and save us  and our beloved homeland from these oppressors. We pray for this at night, and we work for this during daytime.



What does kidnapping Egyptians noble persons mean to you?


The regime in Egypt is undemocratic, illegitimacy and unsuccessful in all fields. It exercises corruption and defends corrupters

Therefore, it fights reformists in all fields by illegal and illegitimate means. The latest crackdown against noble free men was launched after the Muslim Brotherhood garnered 20 % of the People’s Assembly seats in 2005 parliamentary elections and as the Shura Council elections were near.


The Egyptian government adopted many policies to fight freemen in Egypt in 2006 – 2007:

1-Introducing constitutional amendments that restrict public freedoms and closes all opposition outlets in both freedom of expression and running for any elections.

2-Canceling judicial supervision over the elections.

3-Launching media campaigns to distort the image of the political opponents in Egypt in state run media outlets, including newspapers TV and others

4-Arresting a big number of freemen, and reformers who call for freedom and integral elections and judicial independence

5-Arresting respected businessmen including the famous businessman Hassan Malik, my father, prompting a violent zigzag in the Egyptian stock exchange and negatively affecting the investment climate in Egypt and fabricating unjust charges against them. When their case appeared before the Egyptian justice, it released, but the Interior Minister issued more arrest warrants against those acquitted by the criminal and civilian courts. After that, president Hosni Mubarak issued a decree of referring their case to the military justice.

6-Hassan Malik and other detained businessmen, university professors and professionals resorted to the administrative court that overturned the presidential decree of referring them to the military justice. However the ruling wasn’t implemented.

7-After that and under this climate, the Shura Council mid term elections were hold and were fully rigged after arresting some independent candidates and after preventing voters from casting their votes.


I think it is clear to you now why they arrest and kidnap Egyptian freemen, specially those who can move the public against the plans of inheriting rule, open files of financial and administrative corruption, and defend rights of the people whose wealths are looted.


Why was your father detained? How have they dealt with him in prison? What does the Egyptian government target from this?


The State Security Police institution (the Interior Ministry) directs fabricated charges against him of joining an outlawed group, obstructing law and the constitution and that he takes part in funding its activities or invests in some of its money.


These are groundless charges because he belongs to a family which is well known for its huge businesses,  trade and industry for a long time. He has been, since he graduated and even before his graduation, working in the business. All his money and companies were earned through legal means throughout years of toil and work. He did steal a banks like some businessmen protected by the regime in Egypt.


The evidence that all those accusations are groundless is that the Egyptian regime resorted to the military justice which is not independent and isn’t competent for trying civilians who should be, according to the Egyptian constitution, tried in front of their natural competent judge.


The Egyptian regime does not respect court rulings and wants to oppress political opponents or those rivaling businessmen affiliated to it. Therefore, it transferred my father and other MB leaders to the military justice after the civil justice released them three times, and even after overturning the presidential decree of referring them to the military justice.


As for how they deal with my father, my father was thrown since he was arrested in the worst Egyptian prison among criminals and killers. Then, he was moved to a prison in which he can’t meet his lawyer and he can’t find sufficient health care and in which he is denied many of the rights of those under provisional detention.



Are there any worries that the health condition of Hassan Malik may deteriorate in prison?


Father suffers from some diseases. He had surgery before he was arrested and he still suffers from its side effects. He doesn’t receive the appropriate health care along with those detained with him.



What can the Turkish government do?


The Turkish government is respected in the Islamic world in general and in the Arab world and Egypt in particular. Specially after father dealt along with some other businessmen with Turkish companies. The Turkish companies had a very respectable position in Egypt and my father mainly contributed to creating this position for the Turkish products and companies in Egypt.


Father is a charter founder of the Turkish Egyptian Businessmen’s Association and he was a president of this association until the date of this case.

The Egyptian government detains, on groundless charges and in violation to international laws, Hassan Malik who is a big businessman in Egypt and a dealer for big Turkish companies. This negatively affects the Turkish economic interests while the Turkish government didn’t issue any condemnation to only defend its interests in Egypt.

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