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Nigeria Conference next Oct. to Back Egypt ’s MB Detainees
Nigeria Conference next Oct. to Back Egypt ’s MB Detainees
Nigeria Conference next Oct. to Back Egypt ’s MB Detainees
Tuesday, August 21,2007 22:38
The Muslim cooperation group in Nigeria declared that it will hold a conference in solidarity with the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) detainees in Egypt , particularly those referred to the military court, next October, 10th-11th.
The Muslim cooperation group (Muslim Brotherhood offshoot in Nigeria ) called on all Islamic figures and societies to take part in the activities of the conference to stand restive against the government attack against Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt .
The group condemned latest inhumane detentions against prominent Islamic leaders and pioneers of Islamic thought and work and referring civilians to military tribunals and freezing their assets plus other violations committed by the Egyptian regime against the Muslim Brotherhood group.
The Nigerian Islamic group called on Egyptian government to immediately release all detainees, enforce law and respect human rights.
It also demanded Arab and Western countries and human rights societies to immediately intervene in the case, rescue justice, law and freedom in Egypt and exercise pressure on the Egyptian government to release the detainees.
The group called on the federal government in Nigeria to intervene and condemn these arbitrary detentions, and summon the ambassador of the Egyptian government to Abuja to discuss the issue.
IAF condemns latest detentions
In a related context, the public freedoms and human rights committee in the Islamic Action Front Party (IAF) in Jordan condemned the latest sweeps of arrests carried out by the Egyptian security services in which 16 MB leaders were detained on Friday and 17 others were detained two days later.
For his part, MP Ali Abul Sukkar, the head of the committee, said:” Maintaining such crackdowns against MB leaders only contributes to spawning extremism in the region", pointing out to that these recently detained leaders have "a public presence".
Abul Sukkar confirmed that there is no justification for such measures. The Muslim Brotherhood group "does not adopt the method of violence as a means for change”, he said, attributing these actions in Egypt to "the regime’s fear of the continuously growing popular presence of the group".
Abul Sukkar said that a political reform that guarantees a circulation of power is " of personal interest for Arab countries ", criticizing what he called the Western " collaboration" that reinforced the crackdowns against Arab and Islamic countries, leading to a retreat of freedoms and democracy due to the West’s flagrant encouragement to the tyrannical regimes in the region".
He called on Human Rights Organizations called to " take the initiative and disapprove everything violating individual and public freedoms in this black period in the history of our nation".

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