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Makki Denies IIP Joins 4-Party Coalition
Makki Denies IIP Joins 4-Party Coalition
Dr. Alaa Makki, a leader in the Iraqi Islamic Party (IIP) denied that the party joined the four–party coalition declared by Prime Minister Jawad Al-Maliki.
Monday, August 27,2007 13:25
by Saeed Abbady IkhwanWeb
Dr. Alaa Makki, a leader in the Iraqi Islamic Party (IIP) denied that the party joined the four–party coalition declared by Prime Minister Jawad Al-Maliki.
Alaa Makki, a member of the IIP politburo and a member in the House of Representatives for the Iraqi Accordance Front (IAF) said that Al-Maliki or any other person or authority shouldn’t speak in the name of the IIP.
Makki added in a statement to Ikhwanweb:” Iraqi Islamic Party is a great Iraqi political organization that has its structure, consultative body, political office and its official attitude. Thus, the IIP’s politburo will sue any rumormonger circulating groundless reports about it in a way that may tarnish the IIP image or program.
Makki confirmed that the rumours that the Iraqi Islamic Party joined the four-party coalition are groundless. The Iraqi Islamic Party declared its attitude towards joining this bloc or the four party coalition, that this coalition does not solve the crisis. Hence, the Iraqi Islamic Party dismisses such a coalition and it backs a national solution and a national project that unifies and make all parties unite on understandings to solve this Iraqi crisis.
Makki explained that what Al-Maliki meant in his statement was that it was a final statement issued by a conference held days ago and was attended by leaders of political blocs including Iraqi Islamic Party, Fadila party, Al-Sadr movement and others. So, there is no relation between this statement and four party or three party meetings. It was only a final statement issued by summit meetings to announce agreements and disagreements.
Makki pointed out that the issue according to the Iraqi Islamic Party and Iraqi Accordance Front isn’t in in the government but it is in reforming the political process. We want a reform in the political process, and to have clear guarantees for a real partnership in the decision making process, improve security situation and cancel unjust laws and decisions issued in Bremer"s era, in addition to other previously repeated demands.
Unless there is a serious response from the government, we will resort to other options. We repeat, our demand isn’t to change government because this is not our main target or demand. Getting out of the political process may serve as a means to exercise pressures on political powers to respond to demands.
In a related context, vice-president Tarek Al Hashemi confirmed that the demands of the Iraqi Accordance Front aren’t related only to the Sunni Arabs or the IAF itself. They are national demands that serve all Iraqi citizens and represent a reformist program that the government should carry out. He pointed out that this program doesn’t cover only the government performance but it is an integrated program that includes the performance of the presidential council and the House of Representatives.
This came during the press conference held by Al- Hashemi on Monday afternoon. Al-Hashemi added that some files see breakthroughs like the detainees file, the de-Baathification law and dealing with militias.
“What happened yesterday after the meeting of the political leaders is considered a breakthrough in the political process” said Al-Hashemi who denied press reports that the Iraqi Islamic Party joined the four party coalition because the IIP isn’t convinced with establishing more coalitions that may lead to counter coalitions, adding fuel to fire.
Asked about the nomination of ministers to replace IAF ministers, Al- Hashemi said that this does not deserve attention because the IAF ministers have legitimacy while the substitute candidates don’t have such legitimacy, pointing out that the target from these moves is to reform a status quo on the ground not a race on positions.
Al-Hashemite holds all Iraqi political blocs for the responsibility of everything happening in Iraq . Every one must act. The Prime Minister, the presidential council and the House of Representatives must work as a team work to get out of the current crisis.

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