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Abu Zhri Denies any Hamas-IOF Contact
Abu Zhri Denies any Hamas-IOF Contact
Sami Abu Zuhri, spokesman of Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas, denied reports that there is any contact between the movement and Israeli occupation, calling such reports "mere lies that aim to defame the movement".
Wednesday, September 19,2007 16:47
by S. Abbadi IkhwanWeb
Sami Abu Zuhri, spokesman of Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas, denied reports that there is any contact between the movement and Israeli occupation, calling such reports "mere lies that aim to defame the movement".
Abu Zhri said in a statement to Ikhwanweb:" This defamation aims mainly to covering political movements targeting the production of a new Oslo ", referring to ongoing contacts and discussions held by the PA president Mahmoud Abbas with Israeli Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert.
Abu Zhri pointed out that " These hollow claims are divorced from reality, amid a declaration of preparing for a wide scale Israeli operation against Hamas movement in Gaza Strip".
Abu Zhri confirmed that " The only language with occupation is resistance", clarifying that the aggression and blockade continuously imposed by Israeli occupation forces (IOF) on the Palestinian people prove that the IOF doesn"t want to bring back Palestinians rights usurped six decades ago.
The Hamas spokesman added: " We do not oppose contacts held by the private sector to ease issues related to crossings. The movement"s attitude is clear and we are concerned with maintaining them to serve our citizens".
In response to Israeli deputy Minister of Defense condition of having 7-15 days test period to be sure of Hamas Movement seriousness, Abu Zhri said:" We are not pupils to do such a test. The occupation should first stops its aggression against our people, then we shall speak about a calming down".
Abu Zhri stressed that the problem lies in the occupation, not in the resistance. " This is because resistance is a self-defence condition. Consequently, the occupation must first stop its crimes against the Palestinian people".
Abu Zhri saw that the IOF attack on Al-Ain camp, Nablus, on Tuesday is a direct result for the continuous meetings between the PA president Mahmoud Abbas and Israeli Prime Minister. Abu Zahri calls on Abbas to be beside his people and resistance, not beside Olmert and his option.
Abu Zhri described continuation meetings between Abbas and Olmert as " a capital crime which will never be forgiven by history".
"President Mahmoud Abbas should back the Palestinian people and their interest instead of adopting Olmert"s options. Maintaining meetings with the enemy is a crime that will not forgiven by people and history", said the Hamas leader.
On the other hand, Abu Zhri strongly criticized the visit of US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to the region, saying:" I do not believe that any one expects anything new from the visit of US Secretary of State to the region. This visit is added to dozens of visits of US Secretaries of State. The United States always confirms its blatant bias to the IOF ".
Abu Zhri called the Palestinian Authority to remember that the US administration whose State Secretary comes to propagate for the next autumn conference," Has introduced up to 40 vetoes in which Washington backed Israel, and refused to support the Palestinian people and its cause. Consequently, Rice"s visit isn"t welcomed. It comes to exercise more pressures and to impose the IOF view for next autumn"s conference.

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