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US Forces Raid IIP Baghdad Premises
US Forces Raid IIP Baghdad Premises
US army forces raided on Saturday at dawn the general headquarters of the Iraqi Islamic Party (IIP) in Baghdad, and randomly disheveled its contents.
Sunday, October 21,2007 15:50
US army forces raided on Saturday at dawn the general headquarters of the Iraqi Islamic Party (IIP) in Baghdad, and randomly disheveled its contents.
A press release issued by about the media office of the Iraqi Islamic Party said that the US force dealt, during the raid, with people inside the IIP premises in a provocative way and then left the building after four hours after causing a heavy mess in all offices and sections in the party premises.
The press release, posted on the Islamic Party"s web site, revealed that" This raid wasn"t the first against the Iraqi Islamic Party in its various branches nationwide. Other branches of the party have been previously raided over groundless claims and false suspicions."
The Iraqi Islamic Party, headed by Iraqi vice-president Dr. Tarek Al Hashemi, described this action of the US forces as provocative and denounced it.
The party demanded the US forces not to be instigated by groundless suspicions and weak claims and attack Iraqi national symbols.
The media office of the party pointed out that the Iraqi Islamic Party adheres to and will maintain its political duties whatever the challenges and obstacles facing it .
The Islamic Party is a main components of the Sunni Iraqi Accordance Front (IAF) whose ministers withdrew from government a month ago because of objecting to the government"s policy and the not implementing a number of IAF"s demands .

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