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A Neo-con Shows His Moderate Side
A Neo-con Shows His Moderate Side
we don’t have to bomb Iran this minute
Wednesday, October 24,2007 04:23
by Shadi Hamid NSN
In this interview (via Matt) with Chris Matthews, AEI resident scholar and bomb-Iran-now advocate Josh Muravchik says "we don"t have to bomb Iran this minute." Muravchik is, apparently, getting soft. I"m worried. Because if we wait even a day, then it becomes another day, then a month, then a year...when does it end? It"s a slippery slope, and then Ahmedinijad will invade America and end Western civilization as we know it, because, well, they hate our freedom. This isn"t about our policies; this is about who we are, and our values. Dick Cheney"s the only guy around who understands this, even if means suspending our constitution until we win the Eternal War on Terror (EWOT). Because they"re evildoers, and they prefer death over life, like that fake prophet of theirs, what"s his name??. Oh, and by the way, the Muslims are invading Europe, which is what happens when you have these Multicultural hippie leftists in power, who all got high at Woodstock in 1969. Anyway, those Muslims, don"t forget the Muslims...But we have our own bunch and they"re trying to make English into the second language! More immigration controls now! Cubans are okay, though, because they hate Castro, unlike that guy Oliver Stone who loves gays and hates his own country. Damn Hollywood, corrupting our kids with Will & Grace and that Logo channel. Abstinence now!

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