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9 MB Al-Azhar Students Released, Reportedly Tortured
9 MB Al-Azhar Students Released, Reportedly Tortured
Egyptian state security services released nine of Al-Azhar University students out of the 22 Faculty of Education students detained earlier.
Saturday, December 8,2007 06:45
Egyptian state security services released nine of Al-Azhar University students out of the 22 Faculty of Education students detained earlier.
After returning from university, the students recalled their ordeal to Ikhwanweb, they went to play football and returned to their residence in the District Seven, east of the Egyptian capital Cairo . While they were preparing dinner, at about 12.30 at midnight, their apartment was raided by a huge force of the Egyptian security which searched the apartment and seized some university textbooks and a PC of one of the students. Then, the students were taken blindfolded from the apartment to a police truck and raided a house of another student who were playing football with them on that day, a proof that the state security elements have been following them since they were playing football. Other students were arrested and all of them were taken to Lazughli-based state security premises.
Throughout the two days during which they were held at Lazughli, the State Security Police premises in Cairo , the students faced many methods of torture across their bodies and faced insults and were called vulgar and dirty words in addition to other kinds of torture which they declined to detail.
Then, the security forces released of 9 of these detainees:
Ahmed Mohamed Abdul Rahman
Mahmoud Sayed Abdul Mottaleb
Mohamed Ibrahim
Fathi Sabri
Ahmed Abdul Latif
Fathi Abdul Zaher
In addition to three other students. The nine students were taken to the university to meet the University President, Dr. Ahmed Al Tayyeb who reproached them and confirmed that the reason for their detention is that they were suspected of being affiliated to the Muslim Brotherhood (MB). He even threatened them that this very scenario will be repeated against them unless they sever any ties with the Muslim Brotherhood students.
It is worth mentioning that there are still 13 detained students from Al-Azhar University after these nine students have been released. The students behind bars are:
Ahmed Omar Ali
Reda Eissa Shehata
Mahmoud Nabil Hamdi
Mohamed Nabil Hamdi
Mostafa Abul Enein
Alaa Abdul Ati Khudari
Omar Al Sayed Abdullah
Abdullah Helmi Abul Kheir
Hisham Mohamed Ali
Ahmed Guda Adam
Abdul Aziz Khedr
Al Sayed Rizk Ali
Taher Abu Zeid.

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