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MB Sisters’ View towards Reform in Egypt
MB Sisters’ View towards Reform in Egypt
The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) views the woman as a key factor in the all-out reform process sought by the group. The woman is a work partner and a life partner. Due to this position, women’s view towards reform in Egypt must be sought in Egypt .
Sunday, December 23,2007 16:32
The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) views the woman as a key factor in the all-out reform process sought by the group. The woman is a work partner and a life partner. Due to this position, women"s view towards reform in Egypt must be sought in Egypt .
Deadly Sedatives
 Omaima Kamel Mokhtar, a physician and an Egyptian associate in family medicine, sees that corruption is a one single system, and reform should be also one single system. She sees that reform should start with the political reform, accompanied by a social, health and economic reforms. As for the actions or sedatives with which the regime deals with national problems, they are deadly sedatives in the words of researcher Amr Al Shobaki.
She also said that the regime should reach some kind of reconciliation with popular and national powers so as to work together in one line. There should be a support should from the civil society organizations."
Gihan Al Halafawi, a leader in the Muslim Brotherhood group and a former candidate in 200 People"s Assembly elections, said that reform can"t be attained through individual efforts. Collective efforts are required including views, efforts and persistence so that people get their right to lead a decent life inside their homeland .
She added that everyone should work for helping our country and people to attain this reform. This will only take place with sacrifice from every one in the country to help our nation reach this cultural level .
Reform is present, still far-fetched"
Noha Abdel Moneim Abul Fotouh, a student at the Faculty of dentistry and daughter of Abdel Moneim Abul Fotouh, a top leader in the Muslim Brotherhood group, sees that the first steps of attaining reform is giving freedoms. Noha sees that reform may be delayed because attaining it may need so much work but it- like any dream- can come true with people"s will and collective work.
She added that reform, under current conditions in Egypt , is some kind of a dream or something unattainable. However, we will together activate many steps to achieve it, including everyone"s initiative of reforming himself, his relation with his family and people around him and to work hard and efficiently in his work and study and to come to terms with his conscience in everything he is doing. This will lead to an individual-level reform, a family-level reform and a society level reform."
"Confident of Egyptian People"s Self-Reform Ability"
Sondos, a Muslim Brotherhood blogger, speaks about her view of how to reach the required reform, saying:" Egypt is in badly in need for an integrated reformist project. Corruption has prevailed unprecedentedly. We should begin to coordinate efforts with all national powers to reach solutions that may serve our homeland."
" I think we should work at all levels to reach an all out reform", she said, adding that she sees that the political reform is a main step but we shouldn"t disregard the role of individual, the family and institutions of the society in pushing ahead reform. This is the method of the Muslim Brotherhood upon which she was brought up, according to her.
Sondos confirmed again that reform shouldn"t be reached only at the individual level. It is the responsibility of every individual in the society. The doctor should do his job perfectly, the teacher teaches his pupils on patriotism and seeking success, and the student studies seriously to reach superiority and to use his knowledge for the sake of his homeland, while politicians abide by the scrupulous principles of the fair political work, seeking only public interest."
Asked about the real obstacles facing and slowing down the reform process, Sondos said:" Political and economic situations unfortunately overshadow every thing. Disappointment and recklessness have spread among citizens who lost their confidence in their abilities. Some of them preferred to travel abroad seeking job opportunities because of low salaries, scarce job opportunities in a country that does not respect the individual and doesn"t put him as a priority in a reform process. Even rights of children and women are violated. The regime freezes women"s assets because of the political affiliations of their husbands. The regime deprives sons and daughters of the tenderness of their honorable fathers through throwing them behind bars without any fair trial in front of a neutral civil justice. This is what we se in families of the MB leaders transferred to the military court. These families have been deprived of their caregivers and heave been even denied access to their own money.
However, Sondos concludes saying she is- in spite of all these unjust actions on the part of the regime- confident that the Egyptian people can reform themselves. This can be attained only in a process of gradation in which individuals are respected and a priority is given to a real reform so that Egypt restores its vanguard role in the international arena."
"Political Corruption Source of all evil"
Makarem Al Diary, the Muslim Brotherhood candidate in 2005 People"s Assembly elections saw that reform can"t be attained in Egypt except amid an atmosphere of freedoms. She attributed the current deterioration and backwardness to the political corruption and repression of freedoms.
She sees that the key to facing this political corruption is consolidating the judicial authority and judicial independence, providing legal guarantees to protect citizens freedoms and rights. She saw also as a priority guaranteeing that the executive authority is subjected to a law of accountability. Every one should be held accountable for any action. Every one must supervise this executive authority and hold it accountable for its actions."
She attributed not making this executive authority subject to accountability to the fact that:" This authority dominates over the legislative and judicial authorities and also some media outlets, triggering the current political and administrative corruption.
"There is no freedom to build any institution that may develop the society. These rights are confined to a very few clique in the society. This clique has the right to enjoy and control every thing".
"This lack of freedoms shouldn"t prevent us from doing development, missionary and education roles for individuals, families and all the society to reach an all out reform", she said.

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