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Ghozlan Reaffirms: MB’s Peaceful Agenda Is Genuine
Ghozlan Reaffirms: MB’s Peaceful Agenda Is Genuine
In a statement to Ikhwanweb, MB Executive Bureau member Mahmoud Ghozlan said that the Brotherhood’s commitment to peaceful reform is what indicates its true intents.
Saturday, January 19,2008 05:58

In a statement to Ikhwanweb, MB Executive Bureau member Mahmoud Ghozlan said that the Brotherhood’s commitment to peaceful reform is what indicates its true intents.

This statement comes as a reaction to frequent concerns voiced by multiple western media about the true intent of the MB, and whether it embraces non-violence as a means to deceive the west.

Ghozlan cited what he thinks is evidence to the movement’s unshakable adherence to moderate political mechanisms saying, “The MB has experienced unbearable repression by subsequent governments over the past 80 years, but it has never renounced its peaceful ideals. We are still keen on security, stability, and public interests and we call for pluralism and respecting Egypt’s constitution. The Muslim Brotherhood’s message is simply social and political reform without resorting to any sort of violence or terrorism to change the status quo.”

Dr. Ghozlan added that impartial think-tanks can easily conclude the huge discrepancies between the MB as a moderate Islamist organization and other radical groups such as Al Qaeda. Moreover, western policy makers are aware of this truth, but some of them insist on twisting it to spread fear among their people on false grounds. He also said that the disastrous 9-11th attacks resulted in a negative stereotyping of Muslims around the globe, which necessitates a clear-cut distinction between extremists and moderates, just as Muslims should differentiate between western peoples and the catastrophic policies of some western governments.”

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