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Does Religion Have Anything to Do With Terrorism?
Does Religion Have Anything to Do With Terrorism?
Religion has nothing to do with terrorism?and everything.
Distortions of the teachings of various organized religions have always been used to justify everything under the sun. Similarly, great wrongs have been committed in the name of the family and the State.
Tuesday, February 12,2008 15:04
by Michael Greaney The American Muslim

Distortions of the teachings of various organized religions have always been used to justify everything under the sun. Similarly, great wrongs have been committed in the name of the family and the State. It should come as no surprise that activities by terrorist or insurgent groups in the name of various religions over the past several centuries have succeeded in giving all organized religion, and ultimately all forms of religious belief, a very black all-seeing eye. If such-and-such can be done in the name of religion, the reasoning goes, then religion must be a very bad thing indeed.

Such reasoning, while plausible, is not well thought out. It is a form of the logical fallacy called “hasty generalization.” That is, because we see instances of the misuse of organized religion, we generalize on insufficient knowledge and data, and assume that all organized religion (and ultimately all religion) constitutes misuse of what Aristotle called the “virtue of religion.” That is, by engaging in terrorism, individuals and groups are acting contrary to the habit of rendering to that which you believe to be God (or gods) His (or their) due as Supreme Being (or beings). Such hypocrisy—so we assume—invalidates the beliefs and motivations, real or imagined, behind the actions.

Human society is divided into three principal parts. These are domestic society (the family), civil society (the State), and religious society (organized religion). Demagogues have always used the natural affinity that normal people have for all three parts of human society to distort and pervert people’s beliefs in order to achieve their private ends.  This is particularly so when they make the Machiavellian assumption that the end justifies the means. The visceral reaction that normal people feel when they are persuaded that their family, faith, or country is in danger can very easily be manipulated by unscrupulous individuals or groups—all in a good cause, of course.

This is in large measure how other people can be persuaded that, because religion is used to justify terrorism, religion is bad. Similarly, because “patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel,” we risk falling into the error that patriotism isn’t the first refuge of the patriot.  Anyone professing religious belief or expressing patriotism is, ipso fact, a hypocrite and a scoundrel.  Family, faith, and country, because of the distortions and violations we see in the name of all three, become viewed by the cynical and suspicious as phony, ploys used to trap and control the gullible.

The only solution to this problem is to reorient people and help them to understand that organized religion, as well as family, and the State, have specific and necessary roles to play. We cannot allow such critical social props to be hijacked by any individual or group bent on using them in support of “brief and transient causes”—or anything that is not ordered for the benefit of everyone within the common good and in a manner consistent with that essential human nature on which society is based.

The social order must be restructured to comply with basic principles of natural law, which human reason helps us discern, and which organized religion helps us learn and understand. The natural law being consistent with human nature and based on it, this will maximize the delivery of justice within the social order.  It will thereby remove the chief cause of terrorism: people convinced that others are treating them unjustly, whether or not this is true.

Once the structures of injustice have been removed or reformed into structures of justice, the family, the State, and, yes, organized religion can take their proper places in a well-organized social order. This will not be achieved overnight, but removing the causes of terrorism will ultimately eliminate terrorism.

One possible program that would in large measure remove the causes of terrorism in the Middle East is called the “Abraham Federation,” a proposal developed by the interfaith Center for Economic and Social Justice.

The Abraham Federation, while based on principles found in the three great Abrahamic faiths of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, can be adapted for use in virtually any set of circumstances. This is because the essential principles of the Abraham Federation—an application of a proposal called “capital homesteading for every citizen”—are consistent with the natural law discerned in and derived from human nature.

Yes, religion has everything to do with terrorism—just as it has everything to do with eliminating it.

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Spiritual and Philosophical Personalism I Am
In addressing the root cause of man's inhumanity to man, humanity must first come to grips with the religious and philosophical tyranny that it currently struggles under. Just as we seek Economic Personalism humanity must also seek Religious and Philospohical Personalism. The history of the middle (meddle) men and their unjust institutions in our daily spiritual and philosophical experience is as devastating as any political or economic system of oppression. Spiritual and philosophical empowerment is the pinion upon which personal sovereignty is predicated. Without a sense of personal empowerment to that which transcends the physical meaning structures of our existence, mankind becomes a slave to the sensual, to the selfish, with those "experts" and "cultivated professionals" of the church and academia as its masters doling out in doses the coping drug that all disconnected crave and are addicted to. I have talked before about founding a Center for Spiritual and Philosophical Justice (CSPJ) that will tackle the issues head on. I am sure that just as CESJ is roundly unpopular to the economic elite CSPJ will be roundly unpopular to the religious and academic elite who have an iron clad grip on the progress of the human being spiritually and philosophically. The path that I have walked, both in religious and philosophical tenors, has dramatically prepared me for a clear view into the need for spiritual and philosophical solidarity of the native sacred human community. We are born with a connection to our Creator. This is neither earned nor relinquish-able. It is an endowment, a sense, every bit as important as the traditional five senses we have all been indoctrinated as the limit to our perception. It is the sense of the soul, which grows from the physical being as it reaches intellectual maturity. It is native and inherent but can become distant because it relies upon concentration to yield a connection. Because we, as a species, have become disenfranchised with concentration, or focus, we have alienated our connection with our Creator from our awareness, or conscious mind. Many times this connection re-establishes itself in settings where concentration is possible (i.e. church, sleep, meditation, long walks, long drives, showers, anything relaxing and quiet). In no cases is it EVER removed from its native state as a birth right. Just as those who call themselves architects of a new social justice see property as an inherent birth right, so those who call themselves architects of a new spiritual justice must see the personal connection to the Creator as an inherent birth right. Delving into the plagues that have been visited upon an unwilling humanity by mainstream religion is a trip into the deepest hell imaginable, the consequences of which have paralyzed the human psyche with such great trauma that we no longer recognize our inherent status as loved and innocent creatures of a Loving Creator. We have instead embraced the species defeating dogma of inherent sin. This trauma has so denuded the human creature of inherent meaning that it has become the easiest thing in the world to take the life of another human creature or to take the property of that human creature. These acts of aggression are only possible in a climate denuded of the inherent connection and dignity of that connection each human creature possesses with its Creator. The ramifications of the return of the sovereignty that each human creature possesses by birthright to its connection with its Creator and the removal of those who stand between the creature and its Creator are beyond calculation. Just as the Abraham Federation takes waring factions back to a common ground in the Middle East, so the return to each human creature the dignity of its own sovereignty over its connection and relationship with its Creator returns each human being to a common ground which it shares equally with every single man, woman and child within the species. Religions and philosophies spring from the ignorance of this inherent connection. The scriptures are an incomplete methodology to return unto this inherent connection. The institutions that are built upon these religious and philosophical tomes serve only as temples of this ignorance which hold the accumulated coping mechanisms of a humanity suffering from a lack of direct contact with its Creator. This third party relationship is as damaging as any divorce from reality but it is essential in order to enslave an entire population. So my call is for a Center for Spiritual and Philosophical Justice that will work hand in hand with The Center for Economic and Social Justice so that humanity will be free of ALL of its chains and ready to stand before its Creator with the dignity that is afforded every sane creature within creation. For those who have become insane from the ravages of the history of the barbarism of this lost connection and its consequences therapy in the form of affectionate attempts to re-establish this connection should be attempted. In the case of those who have become violently affected by this insanity and wish to violently lash out at society separation as humanely as possible should be affected such that wise compassion is the example that is shown rather than brutal shunning and incarceration. Humanity can never rise above its brutish base instincts until it recognizes the inherent equality of value and meaning that exists in each and every creature in the global neighborhood. The inherent "justice" that this reality engenders will empower all justice movements within the family of humanity. Indeed until this reality is commonplace humanity shall continue to cease as a family and remain enslaved to its various forms of isolation. Peace, Justice, Care of Earth, Benjamin Alexander De Mers
Tuesday, December 8,2009 21:16
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