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Adjourning MB Verdict: A tyrannical regime uses wait and see to liquidate critics
Adjourning MB Verdict: A tyrannical regime uses wait and see to liquidate critics
Violette Daghuerre told Ikhwanweb that the Egyptian regime still needs time to examine the ruling it will issue against the Muslim Brotherhood leaders transferred to the military trial. It does so to keep its picture untarnished in front of the world
Thursday, March 27,2008 07:59
by Doaa Abdul Raouf IkhwanWeb

As expected, the verdict of the military trial against 40 Muslim Brotherhood (MB) leaders was adjourned till next April, 15. All observers anticipated that the verdict will be delayed till after local councils elections. This proves that the case fabricated by the regime against the MB leaders is mainly politically motivated.


In Tuesday’s session  a senior rights delegation headed to Heikstep in a bid to monitor the course of the trial and to show solidarity with the MB leaders transferred to the military court. This delegation included Violette Daghuerre, chairperson of the Arab Commission for Human Rights, Zachary Wolfe, U.S. Attorney and chair of Amicus committe in the National Lawyers Guil, Rev. Marvin Morgan, coordinator of religious human rights organizations in the US and bishop in the United Methodist Church in North Carolina, Brooklyn, New York, Atlanta and Burlington from 1970 till 1996, and Ibrahim Clayton Ramey, U.S. director of human and civil rights division of MAS Freedom foundation.


The regime needs time before the verdict


Violette Daghuerre told Ikhwanweb that the Egyptian regime still needs time to examine the ruling it will issue against the Muslim Brotherhood leaders transferred to the military trial. It does so to keep its picture untarnished in front of the world. She pointed out that she expected that the verdict session will be adjourned.



She saw that the grave violations committed during the one-and-half year military trial were a really unsurpassed farce in the legal and human rights arenas. The regime that referred civilians to military courts without any obvious charges, is the one that deserves to be impeached.


Daghuerre said that the deterioration in Egypt’s human rights has reached a startling phase, expecting no real breakthrough due to the exercises practiced by the regime and its affiliates against critics. "The court-before which the MB leaders are standing- doesn’t know what to do next because it is always waiting for dictates from the regime", she said.


Military tribunals will not block MB pro-reform efforts



Dr. Mahmoud Ezzat, Secretary-General of the Muslim Brotherhood, said in the press conference at the day of adjourning the verdict, that arresting those preaching for freedom, transferring them to a military trial and even endlessly adjourning verdict sessions, will never dissuade the Muslim brotherhood from practicing its political and constitutional right. The case is politically motivated whether it is related to the local councils elections or any other political situations. The Egyptian government has always been adopting policies of injustice and tyranny.


  Ezzat pointed out that- contrary to the regime’s expectations- the military courts against the Muslim Brotherhood backfired because the Egyptian people declared that they will never surrender to  injustice and suppression.



The military trial is the regime’s whip to intimidate critics



 In the press conference held at Heikspet military base, Abdul Moneim Abdul Maqsoud, representative of the defence panel of the accused, read the defense team’s statement in which he stressed that adjourning the verdict ruling for the second time underscores what the defence team said from the beginning, that this trial is politically motivated.


The defence team mentioned in its statement Tuesday that the military court is a whip which the ruling regime uses to intimidate Egyptian people to exclude them from practicing their political rights so that the regime can dominate over the society and violate people’s rights. The defense team saw in the statement that what happened in the military tribunal today is the latest episode in this regime’s violations to prevent the Egyptian people from their electoral rights.


MB Families: case politicaly motivated



Children, wives and relatives of the Muslim Brotherhood leaders referred to the military trial had the lion’s share of suffering. Many of them told Ikhwanweb that adjourning the verdict session against their loved ones for the second time is part of a continuous injustice which they faced since the beginning of military court. They even pointed out that the decision of adjourning the verdict is related to the critical conditions in Egypt.


Wife of Dr. Amir Bassam  told Ikhwanweb that adjourning the session is a clear evidence that the case is politically motivated, and that there are foreign and domestic pressures on the regime to adjourn the ruling. She pointed out that issuing sentences duirng this time against reformist and reputable people may fuel public rage. She called on the ruling regime to cancel the military trial and immediately implement rulings of civil justice which acquitted them four times before.


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