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Security Forces Arrest Three MB College Students
Security Forces Arrest Three MB College Students
State Security Forces arrested three MB students from Al-Fayoum University days before their final exams. The three were referred to the prosecution and were ordered to be released immediately, however the three remained in custody.
Saturday, May 24,2008 12:17

 State Security Forces arrested three MB students from Al-Fayoum University days before their final exams. The three were referred to the prosecution and were ordered to be released immediately, however the three remained in custody.

 The students are: Mahmoud Mohey Al-Deen Abdul-Momen, Ahmad Abdul-Hakeem Abdul-Aziz, Mustafa Ismael. They were charged with belonging to outlawed Muslim Brotherhood, organizing graduation party for the fourth year students, and possessing political statements.

 In an exclusive statement to FreedomCost, attorney Eid Arafah said that the students were ordered released by Judge Abdul-Hai Fazourah; however they remained at Fayoum police station; “We are afraid that they would be moved to the state security headquarters instead of being released" "We hope they would be released before their exams on Saturday May 24" Mr. Eid said. He stated that he would ask the ministry of interior to allow the students to have their exams while in detention if the government decided not to release them.


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