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Who is the real Sarah Palin? Part I
Who is the real Sarah Palin? Part I
As he took to the stage, in front of a packed audience,McCain introduced her as "exactly who I need, exactly who this country needs to help me fight the same old
Monday, October 13,2008 12:46
by Aladdin Elaasar Arabisto.com


As he took to the stage, in front of a packed audience,McCain introduced her as "exactly who I need, exactly who this country needs to help me fight the same old Washington politics of me first and the country second".


When Republican Presidential nominee John McCain unveiled "The Barracuda’, a.k.a. Sarah Palin, and governor of Alaska as his running mate, he literally opened the flood gates of the media to controversy and speculations.


 That choice of McCain’s could not have been more timely and savvy. Sarah Palin, managed to steal all the attention and the limelight from Senator McCain who could not be happier!


 For starters, McCain’s campaign was almost getting into a screeching halt while Senator Obama’s campaign was getting almost all the attention. It is no wonder. Senator Obama’s bid to the White House has brought a lot of enthusiasm and excitement from democrats and even republicans who found the young Senator from Illinois a breeze of fresh air and a hope for real change by someone who is not from the old establishment with the usual Washington and big business ties.


   The American people have also been exited about having an energetic young senator of African American decent, highly educated, articulate, handsome, charming, who can electrify his audience in the same tradition of Dr. Martin Luther King and John F. Kennedy.


   McCain also had struggled with dodging questions about weather he was going to be another George W. Bush? Or other concerns about his political record and health condition.


But suddenly, Sarah Palin,came crashing into the party and she was thrown as raw moose meat to the wolves and hyenas of the gossip columns, the tabloids, and media pundits.


McCain could have never been happier.


Well, first she’s a young aspiring governor, a mother of five, struggling between her demanding political career and raising her children; one is a pregnant teenage daughter and the youngest has a Down Syndrome, a soccer mom, or a Hockey mom, as she like to describe herself.


   She is the all American woman, the mom next door; besides she is a staunch conservative; not the kind of republican that some people resent in Senator McCain.


 McCain could have never been happier. He actually succeeded in deflecting the public’s attention from the real issues the American public is looking for in this historic election.


 Will he really champion real reform, or will it be business as usual where corporate America would have the upper hand in deciding who would represent us? Is it going to be about pork and who brings home the bacon? What he’s going to do about the economy and unemployment?


What will be the role ofSarah Palin along with him?


   McCain succeeded in energizing the base but for the wrong reasons. He introduced a female candidate for Vice President, not for the first time, but she would be the first VP if the voters decide to. Both Palin and Obama are in their mid forties which appeals to a lot of young voters who really want to see changes this year.


Sarah Palin brought excitement to voters young and old from both the republican and the democratic parties.


 Will Hillary Clinton supporters vote for Palin to bring a female VP to the Washington for the first time in American history?


 Had Senator Obama chosen Hillary Clinton as his running mate, could America been that exited about Sarah Palin?


   Senator Obama chose not to have Hillary on his ticket, and instead chose Senator Joe Biden, a seasoned politician and foreign policy expert in this time of the Global War on Terror. But would that be satisfying to the new cult of Palin?


No doubt that Senator McCain calculated his move before introducing the barracuda to the American and international media. The McCain campaign kept her name a secret almost until the end; John McCain"s choice did generate a fair amount of rumor and speculation.


Before he chose her, speculators wondered-- was he going to pick a traditional candidate, a safe bet - or would the veteran Arizona senator go for the wild card? He did choose the wild card. But will that materialize into a ticket to the White House?



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