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Judges’ Club To Probe Assaults Against Judges
Judges’ Club To Probe Assaults Against Judges
Judges’ Club To Probe Assaults Against Judges
Friday, October 17,2008 09:21


Judge Fouad Rashid, head of Judges" Club fact- finding committee on the police aggression against judges, said the committee embarked on its mission on Thursday to meet those judges who suffered from police aggressions at the Club"s Cairo- based premises.

Rashid said the committee will be investigating whether the police aggressions against judges are systematic policy pursued by the Interior Ministry or just individual erroneous mistakes.

In a statement to Ikhwanweb, he indicated that such violations should be resisted even they turned out to be individual mistakes and they are drastically dangerous since judges should have their dignities respected rather than tarnishing their image through insults and assaults.

He disclosed that the club would exert the utmost efforts to put a stop to this heinous phenomenon if found as a systematic policy.

"We don"t seek wars; however they are strenuously launched against us, and we should defend the dignity of the remaining judges", he added.


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