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Court Releases Journalist Hosam Al-Wakil
Court Releases Journalist Hosam Al-Wakil
South Cairo Court ordered Tuesday the release of Hosam Al-Wakil, journalist at Al-Dostor daily newspaper, after being kept at Wadi Al-Natroun and Al-Mahkoum prisons for more than 50 days.
Tuesday, November 18,2008 04:42

South Cairo Court ordered Tuesday the release of Hosam Al-Wakil, journalist at Al-Dostor daily newspaper, after being kept at Wadi Al-Natroun and Al-Mahkoum prisons for more than 50 days.

Al-Wakil was arrested last September and ordered released by the prosecution after four days in custody. However, Ministry of Interior issued arrest warrants against him and kept him at Wadi Al-Natroun prison then moved him to Al-Mahkoum prison where he suffered from ill treatment all that period.

He was detained while participating in a demonstration organized by Al-Jazeerah School students’ families when dozens of parents, as well as Al-Wakil, were arrested. Meanwhile, Hamada Abdullattif (one of the student’s parents) was hit by quadriplegia due to assaults he suffered at the hands of Major Sayed Mohamed Sayed, deputy commissioner of Minya El-Basal police station.

Interior Ministry is also expected to challenge the release warrant passed for Al-Wakil.


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