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Anti-Receivership Engineers Threaten Of Sit-in
Anti-Receivership Engineers Threaten Of Sit-in
In his statements to Ikhwanweb, Amr Abdullah- coordinator of Anti-Receivership Engineers bloc- said that engineers deal with unfair adversary which is the government that ignores twelve judicial rulings
Tuesday, November 25,2008 01:39
by Mustafa Radwan IkhwanWeb

In his statements to Ikhwanweb, Amr Abdullah- coordinator of Anti-Receivership Engineers bloc- said that engineers deal with unfair adversary which is the government that ignores twelve judicial rulings.

Whenever courts cancel receivership, the government challenges the rulings before unspecialized courts to impede the judicial procedures.

Abdullah said the Anti-Receivership Engineers bloc visited Judge Farouq Sultan (head of South Cairo Court) on Sunday to review the administrative court rulings passed on February 2nd that decided the opening of nomination without filtering the name list since it is a sequent procedure because lists change frequently.

Abdullah criticized Judge Sultan for impeding the engineers" election. He also added that engineers wouldn"t accept the status quo regarding the receivership on their syndicate that lasted for 13 years.

Abdullah emphasized that they would pursue all legal procedures available against the head of South Cairo Court if decided to keep receivership on the syndicate.

Anti-Receivership Engineers bloc threatened to go on protests and sit-ins same like what lawyers have done to retain their rights. He accused the government of delaying the case; when the administrative court decided that an extraordinary general assembly meeting should be held on December 26, 2004, the government procrastinated till February 13, 2006 and the ruling was executed 13 months later when nearly 18.000 members attended and decided the cancellation of the receivership.

Abdullah described the Irrigation Minister; Mahmoud Abou Zeid, that "the general assembly was not convened" as nonsense to abolish the receivership cancellation decision.

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