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Reply to an article of Dr. Mohamed Habib
Reply to an article of Dr. Mohamed Habib
I tried to reply to the article of Dr. Mohamed Habib about Erdogan’s stanse, but I couldn’t. Please publish this
Monday, February 2,2009 11:18
by Mohamed Ebrahim

I tried to reply to the article of Dr. Mohamed Habib about Erdogan"s stanse, but I couldn"t. Please publish this.
Erdogan"s stanse: I agree with Mr Habib"s article and I would like to add some thoughts behind Mr Erdogan"s action.
The lessons learned from Mr Erdogan"s stanse are plenty. Most importantly, the language he used with media in Davos was the language they are familiar with. He didn"t use the harsh, screaming language. He was smart enough to make it sound as a universal and humanitarian disaster. He tried to connect people from different backgrounds and different religions with what happened. He then used the "antisematic" expression" knowing that the media machine will use it against him. He avoided yelling, and isolating turkey and the muslims from the rest of the world. Yelling and saying extreme things will put him in the category that many of the other unreliable leadres are at. He made it sound like he was not against the jewish people which is the truth. He was against Shimon Perez and the other war criminals. Obviously he was prepared, calm and determined to defend justice. He knows the implications he will face from opposition back at home, yet he had to say the word of truth loudly and clearly without any grey coloring.
Mr Erdogan the prime minister of a muslim country is a breath of fresh air in the world of hypocrisy and manipulation.

From: Mohamed Ebrahim, Connecticut, USA

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