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17 Menoufiyyah MB Members Arrested
17 Menoufiyyah MB Members Arrested
Last Monday night, March 16, Egyptian security raided the homes of and detained 17 MB members from Menoufiyya in a barbarous manner that scared their families
Tuesday, March 17,2009 14:37

Last Monday night, March 16, Egyptian security raided the homes of and detained 17 MB members from Menoufiyya in a barbarous manner that scared their families.

The detainees are: Sobhy Ahmed Ja"far, Fathy Zaky El-Surwy, Tarek Ali Younis, Abdel-Halim Abul-Nur, Ashraf El-Bagoury, Mohamed Soleiman, Adel Sherif, Hamada Eisa, Sayyid Eita, Ashraf Abul-So"ud, Mohamed Saleh Hijab, El-Sayyid El-Mashayikh, Hany El-Gindy, Sobhy Abul-Makarim, Gamal Maghraby, Mohamed "Agrama, and Wahid Abdul-Qadir.

These arrests come within the context of a security escalation by the regime against MB members in which 20 MB leaders from different governorates had been arrested earlier this month in addition to the presence of hundreds of MB detainees as a result of the pro-Gaza demonstrations.

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