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Six Egyptians Kidnapped, One Paralyzed From Torture
Six Egyptians Kidnapped, One Paralyzed From Torture
State security forces in Areesh had kidnapped and detained six Egyptian citizens who have no political affiliations from North Sinai since the beginning of last December.
Tuesday, March 24,2009 02:39
by Amr Alsayed IkhwanWeb

State security forces in Areesh had kidnapped and detained six Egyptian citizens who have no political affiliations from North Sinai since the beginning of last December.
The detainees up to this moment have been exposed to brutal torture which resulted in one of them being afflicted with paralysis which led to his release and up to this moment, no accusations have been laid against them.
The detainees are:  Nassar Gabriel, Hani Mutlaq, Nimr Fahmy, Nasr Khalil, and Ihab El-Qaliubi.  Their ages range from 20 to 30 years.  Noteworthy, is the detainment of their families as hostages when they weren’t found in their homes.
Recently released and paralyzed Adel Gabriel narrates, “After 56 days of torture in the State Security office and as soon as we arrived there, we were blindfolded, handcuffed, stripped from our clothes and left for several days in the freezing cold.  We were also electrified in different parts of our body in addition to the ongoing swearing and beating and curse words one is unable to repeat and were dipped in hot and cold water for several hours after being stripped from our clothes.  All this took place throughout this whole time without any accusations being laid against us.  When we asked about the reason for beating us or presence in this place and what we were accused of no one would answer us. All that one officer, who was interrogating us, said and repeated was “talk.”  After 56 days, I was released and those with me were detained.  During this period I was afflicted with tentative paralysis in my hands and legs and also afflicted with cartilage infection due to the severity of the torture.  Following my release I found out that we were in the main State Security office which everyone who enters calls “the grave.”
Families of the kidnapped had filed reports to the Attorney General requesting information about where and why their sons were detained and that investigations be conducted with the officers who tortured them, but found no response.

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