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Hamas: Obama will be judged through his deeds
Hamas: Obama will be judged through his deeds
The Hamas Movement stated Friday that the judgment on the new American administration led by president Barack Obama depends on the concrete steps it will take to restore the usurped rights of the Palestinian people
Sunday, March 29,2009 05:45

The Hamas Movement stated Friday that the judgment on the new American administration led by president Barack Obama depends on the concrete steps it will take to restore the usurped rights of the Palestinian people.

In a televised interview with the Italian AKI news agency, Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum said that Obama"s talk about the Palestinian people"s rights and his respect of the nations" democracies would be judged through tangible steps on the ground.

Barhoum pointed to the significant change in the European position towards Hamas, recalling the visits of European delegations to Gaza and Syria to meet Hamas leaders and lawmakers.

The spokesman added that his Movement relies on such positive European interaction in order to join the international arena.

Regarding Hamas"s position towards the international quartet, the spokesman underlined that the main reason for the inter-Palestinian division is the foreign interference in the Palestinian affairs and imposing unfair conditions on the Palestinian people, expressing hope that the quartet would reconsider the policy of mass punishment against the Palestinians.

Regarding alleged Iranian financial support of Hamas, the spokesman stressed that his Movement respects everyone who extends a helping hand to the Palestinians without conditions or interference in the Palestinian affairs.

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