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MB Activist Whereabouts Unknown After Six Days of His Kidnap
MB Activist Whereabouts Unknown After Six Days of His Kidnap
Egyptian security forces arrested 24 year-old MB activist Abdullah Maher in North Sinai last Thursday. Since then, no one knows where he was taken.
Wednesday, April 1,2009 08:37
by Amr Alsayed IkhwanWeb

Egyptian security forces arrested 24 year-old MB activist Abdullah Maher in North Sinai last Thursday.  Since then, no one knows where he was taken.
Abdullah’s brother, Mohamed, narrated, “Last Thursday eve, we were suddenly faced with a large number of state security forces raiding our house and asking for my younger brother.  He was arrested along with several of his personal belongings being seized and was taken, blindfolded, to the State Security headquarters in ‘Areesh.  The next day, my father went to the headquarters to ask about my brother and why he was arrested and the accusations that were laid against him only to find one of the State Security officers replying, “he’s not here, he was taken to the State Security apparatus in Cairo,” and until this moment no one knows his whereabouts or why he was arrested.
Noteworthy is the escalation of the security campaign launched against MB leaders and members in which many MB detainees have been exposed to gross violations of the most basic human rights.

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