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Sisters in the Brotherhood
Sisters in the Brotherhood
Omayma Abdel-Latif in her article Sisters in the Muslim Brotherhood, had tackled a very important issue which is female participation in the Muslim Brotherhood.
Saturday, April 18,2009 01:55
by Jenin Muhammad IkhwanWeb

Omayma Abdel-Latif in her article Sisters in the Muslim Brotherhood, had tackled a very important issue which is female participation in the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s first women’s division, the Muslim Sisters Group, was created in 1932. Women in the division suffered as much as men in the whole process of trying to change the community but with new different approach by the MB guidance council and the stress on participating in the political arena we found that women as well call for their right to participate more actively.

The article also tackles the rise of young generation of MB activists and their wish and right to have a bigger space to participate and to be represented inside the wave of the MB’s existence.

Being educated among very influential MB sisters and brought up among very active participants to the community I feel that women have a great chance in political, social and educational participation within the Muslim Brotherhood group but a lot needs to be done from the sisters side as they need to pursue the chances and work more on themselves to be more deserving for the position they are given in the community and from the male side in the MB so that they can give more freedom and more space for women’s participation.

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