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Habib:  Zionism A Racist, Colonialist Entity
Habib: Zionism A Racist, Colonialist Entity
Commenting on the aims of the Durbin II conference in Geneva in his statement to Ikhwanweb, First MB Vice-Chair Dr. Mohamed El-Sayyid Habib described Zionism as a “racist and colonialist” entity.
Wednesday, April 22,2009 02:23
by Mostafa Radwan IkhwanWeb

Commenting on the aims of the Durbin II conference in Geneva in his statement to Ikhwanweb, First MB Vice-Chair Dr. Mohamed El-Sayyid Habib described Zionism as a “racist and colonialist” entity. 


“The biggest proof is its practices and occupation of lands by force and the brutal massacres, displacement, expulsion, genocide, expansion of settlements, and ongoing aggression against the Palestinians, not to mention the apartheid wall and the presence of 11,000 Palestinians in occupation prisons, and the denial of Palestinian refugees’ right of return,” Habib added.


Habib explained that Islam had addressed the issues discussed in the conference citing as an example Islam’s despise of discrimination and emphasis on equality between all in terms of rights, duties, and the right to live in peace and security in addition to the Prophet’s saying, “An Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab….nor does a white have any superiority over a black….except by piety,” and several other Quranic verses. 


Habib also pointed out that Islam had honored human beings and gave them an elevated status.  


Regarding the issue of foreigners, Habib stressed that when foreigners go to a country other than theirs they must respect that country’s culture affirming that Islam urges tolerance, justice, and mercy in dealing with others; in fact, Islam urges the warding off of oppression inflicted on others and the establishment of justice among people regardless of their beliefs or color.


Worthy mentioning is that the Durbin II conference, boycotted by Israel and other western countries, aims at combating racism, hatred, and intolerance.

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