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Refusing to Release 13 MB Members Who Spent Three Quarters of Their Sentence
Refusing to Release 13 MB Members Who Spent Three Quarters of Their Sentence
Egyptian authorities refused to release 13 MB leaders who had been sentenced in the recent military case and who completed three quarters of the sentence
Thursday, April 23,2009 20:38

Egyptian authorities refused to release 13 MB leaders who had been sentenced in the recent military case and who completed three quarters of the sentence.


On top of the list is Dr. Mohamed Ali Beshr (Professor at the Faculty of Engineering and Member of the MB Guidance office and Former Secretary-General of the Engineering Syndicate) and 12 others who are:


Dr. Farid Ali Ahmed Galbat (Professor of International Law, Faculty of Sharia and Law at Azhar University),

Dr. Mahmoud Mohamed Ahmed Abu Zead (Professor at the Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University),

Eng. Ayman Ahmed Abdel Ghani Hassan in (Civil engineer at the Arab Contractors Company),

Dr. Salah Eldosoqi Amer Morad (Professor at the Faculty of Medicine, Azhar University),

Dr. Essam Abdel Mohsen Afifi Mohamed (Professor at the Faculty of Medicine, Azhar University),

Eng. Mahmoud Ahmed Abdel Moeti Al-Hussein (Free Engineer),

Sayed Marouf Abul Yazeed Mesbh (Accountant at Omar Afandi’s Company),

Fathy Mohamed Baghdady Ali (Maths Teacher),

Mostafa Mohamed Mohamed Mahmoud Salem (Auditor),

Eng. Medhat El-Haddad (Businessman),

Dr. Essam Hashish (Professor at the Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University) and

Dr. Diaa Farahat (Businessman).



Abdel Monem Abdel Maksoud, the lawyer, on 23rd of April 2009, said that he submitted 13 appeals before the Administrative Court of the State Council against each of the Minister of Justice, Attorney-General, Minister of Interior and Director of the prison sector requesting urgently the original draft sentence without the declaration of staying the execution of the administration’s decision to refuse the conditional release provided in Article 52 of law No. 396 of 1965.


Newspapers have claimed that continuity of arresting appellants after they completed their determined conditional period of release is considered as a physical and mental abuse. The continuity of their detention is a violation of the Prisons law in its Article 52 which provides that “Release is permitted under conditions for each sentenced person finally restricted with a freedom restricting penalty if he spent three quarters of the sentence and his behavior while in prison giving confidence that he is adjusting himself and if his release won’t threat public security”.


The newspapers stressed that the administration’s refusal to release the appellants does not have legal grounds; however, it’s an abuse of power and authority.


On its part, Sawasya Centre for Human Rights and Countering Anti-Discrimination condemned the continuity of detaining prisoners of conscious belongs to MB who have been tried in military courts after spending three quarters of their sentences, stressing that this is a flagrant violation of the rights of those citizens and the provisions of Egyptian Constitution.

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