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MB Sweep the Jordanian Engineering Association
MB Sweep the Jordanian Engineering Association
The Islamic candidate Abdullah Obeidat won the position Head of Engineers until the year of 2010, with significant difference number of votes as he got 3509 to 976 of his opponent Marawan El-Hadidi the candidate of the National Movement.
Wednesday, May 13,2009 19:26
MB and their allies have swept the elections of the Jordanian Engineering Association as the primary results on Saturday, dedicating their control over the largest union in Jordan which they lead over a decade.
The Islamic candidate Abdullah Obeidat won the position Head of Engineers until the year of 2010, with significant difference number of votes as he got 3509 to 976 of his opponent Marawan El-Hadidi the candidate of the National Movement.
This elections seemed concluded for the MB weeks ago after they fully controlled the intermediary bodies between the general assembly of the union and its council.
MB and their allies took control of the all seats of the Association’s council with significant differences that were more than twice what was gained by their opponents from national and leftist movements.
The number of the members of the Engineering Association in Jordan is more that 75,000 member, and is considered the strongest association in terms of political and unionist impact and has investment and pensionary capacities as well as centres to train and employ engineers.
Meanwhile, MB  control Engineers, Agricultural engineers and Nurses Associations and also control the Dental Association in alliance with other forces.
MB recently have lost control over the Bar Association and the Medical Union after losing the position of the head of association despite winning the majority of members in the council of the Medical Union and half the members of the Bar Association.

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