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Reform Comes to Libya?
Reform Comes to Libya?
At Foreign Policy, Sarah Leah Whitson discusses how Libya is experiencing its own Arab Spring of sorts, arguing that
Saturday, May 30,2009 06:19
by Cecile pomed.org

At Foreign Policy, Sarah Leah Whitson discusses how Libya is experiencing its own Arab Spring of sorts, arguing that “for the first time in memory, change is in the air.” She explains how on a recent visit she experienced an unexpected candor, with Libyans openly criticizing the government and challenging the status quo - a practice nearly unheard of a few years ago. Furthermore, “the spirit of reform, however slowly, has spread to the bureaucracy as well.” From resticting the death penalty only to murder convictions and strengthening the separation between the Justice and Internal Security ministries - the state appears to be making tentative yet promising steps. While some are skeptical over the motives behind these moves, Whitson argues that “it is impossible to underestimate the importance of the efforts made so far.”


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