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13 MB University Students Prevented From Taking Final Exams
13 MB University Students Prevented From Taking Final Exams
It is worth noting that students have been referred to disciplinary boards, which issued a decision to prevent them from taking the exams after organizing exhibitions supporting Gaza, however the students sued the faculty to allow them to take the exams and won.
Saturday, May 30,2009 21:59
by Basma Omar IkhwanWeb
The Administration of Mansoura University refused to implement court rule allowing 13 MB students at the Faculty of Law from taking the second semester exams and to cancel their suspension for a whole semester.
It is worth noting that students have been referred to disciplinary boards, which issued a decision to prevent them from taking the exams after organizing exhibitions supporting Gaza, however the students sued the faculty to allow them to take the exams and won.
For its part, the faculty"s administration posted pictures of the 13 students on university"s gates and ordered security guards to prevent them from entering the campus, despite of the court’s decision.

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