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MB Statements
Breaking news: Chairman appoints deputies and press spokesmen.
Breaking news: Chairman appoints deputies and press spokesmen.
Newly elected Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt has announced the names of his selected deputies and press spokesmen.
Wednesday, January 27,2010 17:27




Dr Mohamed Badie the newly elected Chairman for the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt has released the names of his selected deputies and auxiliary spokesmen.

Dr Mohamed Badie announced that Professor Gomaa Amin Abdul Aziz, Dr Rashad Al-Bayoumy and Dr Mahmoud Ezzat are to be his deputies, and that Dr Mohamed Morsy, Dr Mohamed Saad El-Katatni and Dr Essam El-Erian to be the auxiliary spokesmen.

The Chairman is the official spokesperson for the movement.

 Eng. Khayrat Al-Shater currently serving a prison sentence will maintain  his position as deputy.

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