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Jordan: Anti- Normalization bodies call for annulling peace treaty with Israel.
Jordan: Anti- Normalization bodies call for annulling peace treaty with Israel.
A top anti-normalization Jordanian committee, grouping opposition parties and professional associations calls for the annulling of agreements.
Monday, February 1,2010 19:44


Jordan's Higher Executive Committee for Defending the Homeland and Confronting Normalization said in a statement posted Sunday on the website of the Islamic Action Front (IAF), the political wing of Jordan's Muslim Brotherhood "We urge the Jordanian government and other Arab states that signed peace treaties with the Israeli enemy to eradicate these treaties as they are considered a declaration of surrender and the public were not consulted about these treaties


Egypt was the first Arab country to sign a peace treaty with Israel in 1979. Jordan signed the Wadi Araba Peace treaty with Israel in 1994


In its statement, the committee called for cutting all types of normalization with Israel, saying "normalization gives legitimacy to the Israeli entity that was created based on usurping the lands

. "

The committee said resisting normalization with Israel is a right and a duty on all Arabs and Muslims, slamming the government for proceeding with "advocating" normalization with Israel at the political, economic, cultural and educational levels.


The committee called on the Arabs and Muslims to boycott Israel, urging holding an annual meeting at the Arab level to activate the boycott of Israel


Jordan's opposition parties and professional associations are strong advocates of cutting ties with Israel and have repeatedly called for abolishing the Wadi Araba peace treaty.


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