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IOA transfers Barghouthi to solitary confinement in Jalbo prison
IOA transfers Barghouthi to solitary confinement in Jalbo prison
BEER SHEBA, (PIC)-- The Israeli occupation authority (IOA) has transferred Hamas leader Abdullah Al-Barghouthi from his solitary conferment in Beer Sheba
Saturday, February 6,2010 22:46

BEER SHEBA -- The Israeli occupation authority (IOA) has transferred Hamas leader Abdullah Al-Barghouthi from his solitary conferment in Beer Sheba prison in the Negev desert to the Jalbo prison, sources in Hamas Movement revealed.

The sources said that the IOA decision came after Israeli investigators interrogated Barghouthi in the infamous Maskobeyya interrogation center about allegations that he made secret contacts with Hamas activists south of the West Bank. However, the charges proved to be false.

In the same context, the IOA transferred PFLP captive Ahed Al-Ghalama from the Hadarim prison to an isolation cell in Beer Sheba prison without giving reasons.

The IOA had recently renewed the solitary confinement of Hamas's political leader Jamal Abul Haija for the eighth successive year on allegation he poses threat to Israeli security.

In a related matter, families of Palestinian captives in the West Bank city of Jenin staged a sit-in and called on all regional and international human rights and legal organizations to help them pressure the IOA to allow visits to detained relatives.

For her part, Dima Mahajneh, the director of the ICRC in the city, told the rally that her department was and would remain concerned with the affairs of the Palestinian captives and that it would send the relatives' memo in this regard to the ICRC office in occupied Jerusalem.

Elsewhere in the West Bank, the IOF troops rounded up five Palestinian citizens, including four from Al-Khalil city, and one who allegedly attempted to stab an Israeli soldier at the Qalandia barrier, north of occupied Jerusalem.

The suspect was identified as Mahmoud Al-Qatari, 25, from Jerusalem city. He was taken to an unidentified location immediately after he was seized.

According to Palestinian records, nearly 12,000 Palestinian citizens, including hundreds of children and women, are held in Israeli jails, many of them for more than 15 years.

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