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MB's Opinion:History has proven that IOF are the core of terrorism in the world
MB's Opinion:History has proven that IOF are the core of terrorism in the world
For as long as history has recorded Israel has always sought for another guilty party to point its terrorist finger at ; and for as long as history will record the evidence will always point back to Israel.
Thursday, February 25,2010 23:45

The IOF media  has forever attempted to divert attentions from the origins of terrorism and the main conflict between the authentic land owner and the occupying IOF entity. Moreover, the IOF have added a new crime to their record by including the Sacred Ibrahim and Bilal Ibn Rabah's mosques to the list of monuments, lands and holy places they forcefully occupied


Again the West remain passive, and again the Arabs remain silent it is in this pretext, we stress the following



First: The Assassination of el-Mabhouh


1- The focus should be on never trusting the IOF enemy.  History has proven that IOF are the core of terrorism in the world, and we ascertain that there is nothing worse than occupying the land and killing its innocent people


 The assassination of el-Mabhouh was an organised crime by gangs and there is no difference between "plan and act" as every IOF is convicted until they leave the land


2- Arab and Islamic regimes should reconsider their affiliation with the IOF entity since it wastes time, poses as a threat to security, destroys the economy and ultimately violates sovereignty


3- The global community which allies with the killer IOF must conduct serious international investigations in the crime and expose the real criminals and their international relations


4- The Arab League, Organization of Islamic Conference and Arab and Islamic inter-parliamentary Union must support the stance of the AUE and demand the opening of an investigation of this incident


5- The need to activate all media apparatus to expose and document this crime for the world so as not to forget it with the passage of time as leaders of the IOF entity without doubt will fabricate facts if not documented


Media should highlight Hamas's unique resistance against the IOF occupation where it did not expand its resistance in targeting enemies outside its occupied Palestinian lands



Secondly: The inclusion of the Ibrahimi mosque to the IOF occupation


1-There is no difference between occupying and stealing a holy Islamic place of worship or burning and destroying it, hence it is imperative that the international organizations deal with the Islamic holy sites in Palestine and provide it with protection from the brutality of the IOF occupying entity


2- Arab regimes must not suppress their people from declaring their anger caused by the violation of their sanctities and heritages. Violating the sanctity of Islamic history in the occupied Palestine is a crime committed by the IOF entity and any individual remaining silent and passive by ignoring the issue and normalizing with the IOF entity condones this unethical behaviour



Thirdly: The increased arrest campaigns and brutality against MB


1-The arrests, raids and suppressive measures exercised by the Egyptian regime against the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) reflects its insistence on managing the affairs of the state with no regards or respect for the Constitution which guarantees the rights and freedom of citizens to express their opinions. It also insists on violating laws and disrespecting judicial rulings with increased suppression of freedoms and rising internal tension. This will in due course threaten the development, peace, security and stability of the state


2- The arrests and suppressive measures practiced will not hamper the MB on the contrary the group are strengthened and more determined. The MB members understand they may pay their freedom as a price for adopting a reform approach.  However they continue to hope to divert the nation from political suppression and retreat in all its fields

The continued arrests is also the price for supporting the Palestinian resistance, the Palestinian case and for the efforts they make to break the siege on the people of Gaza  

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