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IOF soldiers shoot Gazan 6 civilians, and round up three
IOF soldiers shoot Gazan 6 civilians, and round up three
Apparently to the IOF sticks and stones will break their bones so let's just kill them..
Sunday, February 28,2010 15:25


The PIC reporter was told  that an IOF special force infiltrated into the area and took away the three civilians.

The IOF soldiers  fired at  a Palestinian farmer in the same area wounding him eyewitnesses told the PIC reporter, adding that the IOF tanks fired their machineguns at Majed Matar, 22, moderately wounding him.

They said that the IOF troops briefly detained the injured farmer then handed him to the Palestinians.

In the West Bank, five Palestinians of one family including two sisters were wounded in IOF gunfire west of Bethlehem on Saturday night.

Local sources told the PIC that the IOF soldiers fired at the citizens while on their way to a social visit.

The Hebrew radio said that the soldiers fired at a group of Palestinians wounding all five of them, and quoted an IOF spokesman as saying that the soldiers opened fire after Palestinian youths threw firebombs at them.

IOF troops claimed that a Palestinian was arrested south of Tulkarem on Saturday night for possessing a Kalashnikov and ammunition rounds while another was arrested in Qalqilia district for throwing stones at an IOF patrol in Azon village.

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