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Hamas leader: No security breach in Hamas
Hamas leader: No security breach in Hamas
Mohammed Nazzal, prominent political Hamas leader, has denied that his movement suffered a security breach due to the assassination of one of its armed wing's commanders, Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh, in Dubai last month.
Sunday, February 28,2010 16:14


Nazzal asserted to Al-Jazeera TV network on Saturday that anyone leveling such charges should provide evidence.

He explained that the Israeli foreign intelligence, Mossad, depends on local agents recruited in targeted countries, similar to what incidents  in the assassination of Hizbullah leader Emad Mughniye and other Palestinian and Arab leaders.

Nazzal denounced the Arab silence towards the Israeli penetration of the security of an Arab country namely the United Arab Emirates, calling for practical discussion of the Israeli penetration of Arab security.

The Hamas leader noted that the Europeans were not firm enough in dealing with Israel despite the evident Mossad use of forged European  passports to murder Mabhouh.

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Since trust is one of 10 credos in islamic movement, the statement of hamas leader is more believable. Hope so.
Monday, March 1,2010 05:25
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