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Jordan decided against improving relations with Hamas
Jordan decided against improving relations with Hamas
Sources in the Islamic movement in Jordan have said that Amman was waging a campaign against anyone collecting donations for Gaza or Palestine and was summoning writers advocating improved relations with Hamas
Thursday, March 18,2010 13:41


Well informed sources reported to the PIC on Wednesday that the measures were part of a new Jordanian policy toward Hamas and the Palestine cause.

They said that Jordan apparently had settled its path after a time of hesitation and decided to go in harmony with the so-called "moderate Arab axis" and to continue backing Mahmoud Abbas, the PA chief whose term in office expired in January last year.

Amman also decided against restoration of any kind of relations with Hamas in the foreseeable future, the sources said.

They noted that the Jordanian intelligence did not only target those collecting donations but also summoned writers who championed turning a new page in Jordan's relations with Hamas over the past few months.

The PIC was informed that the writers were pressured and scolded to force them not to write on this issue.

18 citizens were detained in this regard other than many others who were interrogated.


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