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Arrests continue in State Security sweep hauling in 21 extra MB from Sharqia and Beheira
Arrests continue in State Security sweep hauling in 21 extra MB from Sharqia and Beheira
The wave of arrests, primarily carried out in pre-dawn raids continues in Egypt's governorates.
Thursday, March 18,2010 15:14

 The latest incident of invasions has taken place in the Beheira and Sharqia governorates where 21 members of the movement were arrested. State security has so far robbed from the MB 236 high-ranking leaders and men this year alone; anti-Israeli demonstrations being the main cause for the escalation
It is the standard story known in Egypt, elections equals mass arrests, protests equals even larger mass arrests
During the invasions forces enter and surround the homes of wanted people and prevent residents from leaving their home. Residents experience crude treatment at the hands of the officials during invasions, which sometimes last several hours while their homes are torn apart by forces, who search for documents or other incriminating possessions
So far records reveal that Egypt's prisons house a total of 345 MB; where 236 have been arrested this year alone. Most members are detained indefinitely pending investigations

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