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Muslim Brotherhood Statement on the Violations by State Security Officers
Muslim Brotherhood Statement on the Violations by State Security Officers
As the whole world is moving towards further democracy and human rights, especially for women and children, and the additional carrying out of international conferences for this, Egypt is facing serious human rights violations carried out by State Security Officers.
Sunday, March 28,2010 19:20

In the name of Allah the most Merciful the most Compassionate

 Assaults and arrogance continues with pre-dawn arbitrary arrest of members of the Muslim Brotherhood terrorizing of women and children, assault of MB neighbors, crude cursing and confiscation of personal belongings.


These assaults have taken place by well-known and identifiable officers in many places. The most recent incidents took place last Tuesday in Gharbeya, Giza and other governorates.


The Muslim Brotherhood strongly condemns these violations which are contrary to the Islamic legislation, constitution, law, traditions, values and behavior of Egyptians. We warn of the consequences of such atrocious behavior and demand accountability to each individual who committed these crimes, having that we know their names.


We wonder whether the recurrence of such shameful incidents in different cities indicates that it is a security policy. Or are they individual cases which require accountability?


The MB continues to call for Egyptian security and stability and rejects and condemns violence. We highlight the seriousness of these unacceptable acts which may prompt the youths to have an unwanted reaction shedding light on the adage "You reap what you sow"


These acts totally opposed by the MB by these identified officers are like poisonous seeds which may trigger tension where state security will be solely responsible.

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