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Sawaseya calls on government to stop terrorizing students
Sawaseya calls on government to stop terrorizing students
The Sawaseya Center for Human Rights and Combating Terrorism has called on the government to stop the terrorizing of students.
Tuesday, April 6,2010 08:32

The Sawaseya Center for Human Rights and Combating Terrorism has called on the government to stop the terrorizing of students by security forces who attack university students. They demanded that universities be granted their independence as provided in the Constitution and the freedom of opinion and expression for all students in Egypt.

In a statement to the center in which Ikhwanweb has received a copy, it condemned all violations of freedom of opinions in Egypt by security services which went as far as assaulting college girls, the abduction of students and the closing down of publishing houses in addition to the arrest of its owners.

The centre stressed on the incidents of arbitrary dismissal of students simply for expressing their opinion. The statement continued with demands for the release of Ahmed Mehanna, the Manager of “Dawwen” publishing house and requested all publishing houses in Egypt to operate with no intervention by Security Services in order to perform its role in spreading awareness among the Egyptian masses.

Security forces also raided the house of Mehanna and arrested him after publishing a book on ElBaradei  titled  “ElBaradei and the dream of green revolution"  although the book included many articles which were previously published on a number of websites and were dealing “subjectively” with the case.

This violates Article 9 of the Universal Declaration for Human Rights which provides that “No one shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest, detention or exile” and articles 18 and 19 which provides that everybody has the right to enjoy freedom of opinion and expression

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