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Islamophobia can be cured with a dose of tolerance
Islamophobia can be cured with a dose of tolerance
Despite the recent United Nations Human Rights Council adopting of a resolution slamming Islamophobic behaviors by some countries, hints of rejection are still relevant.
Saturday, April 10,2010 08:25

Despite the recent United Nations Human Rights Council adopting of a resolution slamming Islamophobic behaviors by some countries, hints of rejection are still relevant. The UN had described Islamophobia as an "instrument of division". The resolution stressed that the discriminatory measures practiced by some contradicted international human rights obligations concerning freedom of religions. Unfortunately Islam has been frequently and mistakenly associated with terrorism and human rights violations.

The  recent effort by Obama's' administrations lifting of the travel ban on Muslim scholar and professor Dr Tarek Ramadan has been met with some apprehension by numerous organizations including Judicial Watch who criticized the consent given by Hilary Clinton. The group argued that Ramadan openly supported the Palestinian resistance group Hamas. For the record so do many non-Muslim groups who have witnessed the aggression and siege which has continued by the Israeli entity. Does that categorize these supporters on the most wanted Terrorist list?
Academics, both Muslims and non Muslims have argued that this moderate scholar has in fact much influence with his liberated views, but Islamophobic tendencies seem to be the rule once the word Muslim is associated with any issue. A lack of tolerance is evident and a decision seems to have been made not to listen to reason especially after the September 11 attacks in America.  The rise of Islamophobia could also be attributed to the negative coverage of Muslims in the media, and the violent street mobilisations of extreme rightwing organisations worldwide. The biased documenting, and articles published have added fuel to the West's fear. To fully understand Islam time has come to educate and spread its peaceful attributions but to learn people must first unlearn what information they erroneously have about Islam and Muslims. Hence the importance of broadmindedness.

Ramadan's call for interaction with the West has been interpreted to mean know your enemy which in fact is quite the opposite. The Swiss born Muslim has been tried without even given a chance simply for being the grandson of the Muslim Brotherhood founder Hassan El Banna. The Egyptian based group in fact is renowned for its call for peaceful and legitimate reform advocating peace, tolerance and forbearance and respect for human rights and freedom exactly as Islam preaches.

Any evident attempt to listen to Islamists will always be a thorn in the sides of anti-Muslim diehards and patience is needed by Muslims to demonstrate to the West that in fact Islam simply represents peace and submission to the divine rule.


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