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Egypt: NDP criticized amid mounting tension
Egypt: NDP criticized amid mounting tension
Over 200 activists assembled Tuesday in front of Egypt ’s Supreme Court protesting over the arrests and the beatings of fellow activists at a protest last week that had called for political reform.
Wednesday, April 14,2010 07:27

     Over 200 activists assembled Tuesday in front of Egypt ’s Supreme Court protesting over the arrests and the beatings of fellow activists at a protest last week that had called for political reform. The regime once again revealed its true colours by stationing anti-riot police, who out numbered the protestors illustrating the regime's incapability to deal with problems and the inability to advocate democracy. Plainclothes police as well as senior police officers were also present.  The rally included a large number of Muslim Brotherhood members, led by Dr. Mohammed Beltagy a member of the parliamentary bloc, Mohammed Abdul Quddus decision of the Freedoms Committee and a member of the Journalists Syndicate. Other opposition parties and movements representatives participated including Abdel-Halim Kandil coordinator of Kefaya and members from the April 6 youth Movement and Karama Party.


     MB senior member Beltagy condemned the measures practiced by the state security forces that had turned Cairo in to military barracks. He claimed that in a true democratic environment peaceful protests are acceptable however the escalating of tensions with the government's frayed nerves has resulted in the violent clashes. Egyptians are fed up with the measures practiced by the regime referring to the emergency law which has been implemented for over 30 years and the breach of freedom of speech which result in clashes and arbitrary arrests. The people are simply calling for the amendments to the constitution. He commended the Egyptians support for their fellow countrymen in Kuwait who were expelled for holding discussions in support of ElBaradei claiming that there has been a new awakening in Egypt .

      Beltagy and other leaders including Karama's Hamdeen Sebahy handed in a formal complaint to the Attorney General attesting to the animosity and violence by the security's apparatus.

     Amid assaulting forces from both security and police, protestors chanted slogans objecting to Mubarak and allegations of his son Gamal becoming president in addition to their unrelenting calls for political reform through free and fair elections and the annulling of the emergency law. Protestors also objected to the increase in prices which have affected the whole country.

     Ayman Nour Elghad Leader who had entered the 2005 presidential elections had arrived towards the end of the protests. Former IAEA chief was not seen during the protests however had condemned the regime's reaction and assaults to the peaceful protestors.

       The United States slammed the Egyptian authority's dealings with the protesters claiming that the measures were unacceptable, however Egypt responded with the usual line of refused foreign interference in its internal affairs

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