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MB MP submits appeal demanding information on abducted student
MB MP submits appeal demanding information on abducted student
An urgent appeal to the Ministers of Interior, Justice and Education was submitted by Dr. Hamdy Hassan, from the Brotherhood Parliamentary bloc.
Saturday, April 17,2010 18:01

The appeal demanded immediate information regarding the disappearance of student Tarek Mohamed Mahmoud Khedr on Saturday, 27 March, 2010 after his abduction by State Security Officers from the University.  His lawyers and family do not know his whereabouts until now.

The General Prosecution received a complaint about his disappearance and was only able to inform lawyers that he was detained in Alatareen Police Station. He failed to give reasons for his arrest or detention. This reveals that the General Prosecution is no longer reliable where it takes orders from the State Security with disregard to the profession's protocol. The passive stance of both the President of Alexandria University and the Faculty's Dean is also evidence of the dictatorial interference of authorities in the education system.

Hassan ascertained that the abduction of the student in broad daylight is a clear breach of human rights. He slammed the silence of the University's administration stressing that immediate action must be taken.

Tarek, who studies at the Faculty of Science, Alexandria University , was distributing statements with other students supporting Dr. ElBaradei who has been calling for amendments in the constitution including the annulling of the emergency law which has targeted all those who dare confront the regime. The law has been imposed since Mubarak assumed rule 30 years ago.

Hassan demanded the Ministers give details disclosing the detainee's whereabouts and indictments.

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