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Egypt: Five prominent activists, including Saudi national, referred to trial in a new phase of MB oppression
Egypt: Five prominent activists, including Saudi national, referred to trial in a new phase of MB oppression
Egyptian authorities illustrate its inability to practice democracy with the animosity targetted at MB leaders.
Wednesday, April 21,2010 15:54

In a move expecting to escalate the already tense relationship between the Egyptian regime and the Muslim Brotherhood, Attorney General Abdul Magid Mahmoud referred five international MB figures to the State Supreme Security Emergency Court for trial


Four of the five MB figures who were previously charged and acquitted in the case known as the "Global [MB] network" are currently living abroad, and they include the London based MB International Secretary General Ibrahim Munir, prominent Saudi scholar Awad Alqarany; popular Egyptian activist Wagdy Ghoneim currently living in Yemen, and Ashraf Abdul Ghafar, were named in the Attorney General's request


Businessman Ossama Suleiman, who is currently in custody despite release orders for all six months ago, has been also added to the list of those referred for trial


Dr. Mohamed Morsy, from the Muslim Brotherhood executive bureau and media spokesman for the group has condemned the current measures practiced by the ruling regime


While all political opposition factors including the MB have united in the call for the elimination of the 'emergency law' authorities have unceasingly continued to implement it. The prolonged oppression by the ruling regime against its people and in particular innocent members of the popular MB illustrates that it is incapable of adhering to the so-called democracy it boasts of


The regime's repression is intolerable and will only result in further unrest and instability. The continued exercising of the abhorred 'emergency law' is a clear breach to the constitution. Civil liberties including the simplest; freedom of expression has been violated by authorities and this is unacceptable


Despite these vengeful actions, we, the MB, contend that we will continue to call for political reform by our peaceful, constitutional and legitimate methods. Our continued urge for peaceful change will be unrelentless and we will follow the path of promoting nonviolence, by means of legal channels in which we always have. The Muslim Brotherhood have not and will not be deterred or discouraged in its peaceful ways supporting the rights of citizens and opposing oppression



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