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MB Chairman: The key to Egypt 's progress and welfare is restored freedom
MB Chairman: The key to Egypt 's progress and welfare is restored freedom
In his weekly message titled "Our forces, they surely must conquer”, the Muslim Brotherhood chairman, Dr. Mohamed Badie underlined the significance of reestablishing freedom in Egypt .
Sunday, April 25,2010 05:24

Badie, stressed, in his message, that only if this is attained will people be able to achieve real progress enabling them to restore Egypt 's glory and influence. He expressed that the citizens free choice of rulers and the elimination of the emergency law would demonstrate real democracy. He asserted that rather than compel citizens to live under strict restrictions and ultimately detention the emergency law imposed against public freedom should be directed to fighting corruption, drug trafficking, terrorism and occupation.

Badie urged patriotic forces to unite and call for the lift of the state of emergency. "Rather than impose martial law by police to intimidate the innocent people, authorities should promote justice, freedom and equality".

Regarding oppression on a different level, Badie addressed the latest developments of the Palestinian cause, emphasizing "Ethnic cleansing in Palestine reveals an increase in Israel 's arrogant tyranny. This can only be deterred by unifying the efforts of Arabs, Muslims, Sunnis and Shiites of all colors and tongues and the retrieving of the entire territory of the usurped Palestine . The land which has had its sacred rights violated according to all divine religions generally accepted by the United Nations conventions, covenants, human rights laws in addition to the Geneva Convention must be defended. All  Arab rights in Palestine must be reinstate through any necessary  resistance and legitimate means, including armed resistance since  it is a viable solution which will be effective against the Israeli Occupation Authorities despotism powered and backed by  US and European allies".

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