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MB demands resisting the IOA's project
MB demands resisting the IOA's project
The Muslim Brotherhood has called for fighting against the IOA's project of destruction and humiliation.
Sunday, April 25,2010 21:59

The Arab-Islamic project initiates rejecting the 2002 peace initiative and any  process of normalization with the Israeli entity in addition to reviewing any  peace agreements and diplomatic relations.

In its statement "Commemorating the 62nd anniversary of the Palestinian Crisis", the MB stated that the project should reject the oppression on each and every  Arab country by the Israeli's entity. The statement underscored the significance of discarding any recognition of the occupation in the Palestinian territories, objecting  fully to the exile of its people and the judaising of Jerusalem.

It also called for the use of political power in order to free people from tyranny and to activate the Arab league's and  Islamic states'  authority. It urged  the support for the Palestinian resistance through all means and appealed on all Palestinian factions to seek reconciliation.

The statement added “Our officials, intellectuals and activists in all fields, should have studied the crisis, its reasons and results, the nature and goals of the enemy and ways to confront and resist it".

It pointed out that Israel 's occupation of Palestine is different to the former  western occupation of most Islamic countries during  the 19th and 20th centuries which ultimately ended with their withdrawal. This is a racist, terrorist , settling, expansionist occupation, triggered  by false notions and historical claims which seek to permanently occupy the land and exile or kill its people, destroying villages and farms and replacing Palestinians with the world’s Jews.

Despite the declaration of their country in 1948, no boundaries were drawn illustrating their intention of achieving  their desire of establishing their country from the Nile to Euphrates River . They also seek the destruction of the holy Aqsa mosque to establish their structure . Ben Gurion said “ Israel is  nothing without Jerusalem and Jerusalem is nothing  without the construction. Their goal is to dominate the region, loot its wealth and enslave its people. It is a complete colonization project based on faith.

"Since their coming into the region, there has been no  peace, stability, development or security. The terrorist  wars in 1948, 1956, 1967, 1982, 2006 and most recently in 2009 on Gaza has caused much destruction, killings, wasting  of money and occupation”, the statement added. A number of Israeli  massacres against the Palestinians including Der Yassin, Kebya, Kafr Qasem, Khan Younes and many others were included in the statement.

They killed many of our elderly people and children, stabbing pregnant women and killed hostages during the 1956 and 1967 wars, burying some of them alive. They threatened to hit the High Dam with atomic bombs conspired to get Egypt's share of the Nile water. They also spied on our military and economic secrets, worked on splitting Sudan to the north and south, initiated the agitation in Darfur, incited the Palestinian authority against Hamas, imposed the siege on Gaza strip, incited the destruction of Iraq and its occupation and sectarian tension and sought  to do the same in Iran. There is also the threat of eradication because of the nuclear weapons they possess.

The statement concluded stating that these inhumane crimes should be condemned and denounced world wide. Not holding the perpetrators accountable  is also shocking and offensive to the feelings of all Arabs and Muslims as well as millions of Palestinian victims.

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