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A campaign against State of Emergency and renewed detentions
A campaign against State of Emergency and renewed detentions
The Shihab Center for Human Rights launched a campaign demanding the non-renewal of the Emergency Law and release of political detainees.
Sunday, May 2,2010 05:43

The campaign addressed the society's elite, political parties and the public. It demands  that they reject special and oppressive laws.

The center's director, Lawyer Khalaf Bayoumi, stressed during the conference titled “the Egyptian citizen between the hammer of Emergency Law and the anvil of prisons” that this campaign attempts to reveal the oppression and terrorism exercised by the government against intellectuals

The meeting was held to reveal the violations by the Borg Al-Arab's prison administration against political prisoners, citizens and lawyers. Appeal lawyer, Mr. Mohammed Abdul Salam, stated that he had been insulted in Borg Al-Arab Prison while visiting one of his clients who was detained there. The lawyer was denied the right to visit his client and  was detained at the Head of Detectives office. He was later referred to prosecution facing fabricated accusations and eventually released with a fine of 500 L.E. Another lawyer added that he was also assaulted inside the Borg Al-Arab Prison and was prevented from visiting his client. Prison officials also insulted and beat him

Nabil Ahmed, a Muslim Brotherhood student who was released recently said that he was subjected to threats by state security officers who ordered him to leave the Muslim Brotherhood group or “he will never leave prison”

Detainees’ wives also asserted they were subjected to a number of violations during their visits to their spouses in prison. Fatima Farag, wife of detainee Mohammed el-Masry narrated, that while she was visiting her husband in Damanhour prison, her son was arrested by the prison detectives and was charged with  possessing publications. ‘My son was only holding a few newspapers which published the decision to release my husband, and this was considered by the security agencies to be publications". "My son was prosecuted in Damanhour Prosecution where he was issued a release order; however I was surprised by the state security forces raiding my house in the absence of my husband and son and searching the place. They also created a new case against my son in order to re-arrest him


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