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Egypt: Interior Ministry defies Mubarak's claims of free elections hauling in 20 MB
Egypt: Interior Ministry defies Mubarak's claims of free elections hauling in 20 MB
Security forces in Kafr el Sheik intercepted a peaceful electoral campaign taking place in Motubas.
Tuesday, May 18,2010 07:07
Muslim Brotherhood candidate Ossama Husseiny was campaigning for the upcoming Shura elections followed by a large crowd of supporters when security and police arrested his 20 followers triggering clashes and injuring a driver of one of the buses transporting supporters.


Security forces were ready with armored vehicles in an attempt to thwart any campaigning by the MB candidate. The detainees were roughly manhandled by security apparatus as they were bundled into and transferred to the police station. Ossama Husseiny met with police officials where he endeavored to obtain the release of his supporters but to no avail. It is expected the detainees will be brought before custody which will decide on the outcome.


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