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NDP MP: rigging is a national necessity
NDP MP: rigging is a national necessity
In an arrogant declaration of intentional rigging in the upcoming elections, NDP member,Mustafa Elfiqi asserted that it is a 'necessity' which may very well take place.
Wednesday, May 19,2010 19:14

In the most intriguing statement made by ruling National Democratic Party MP, Dr. Mustafa Elfiqi, head of the parliament's International Relations Committee, he argued that rigging elections is a 'national necessity',  and may very well take place in upcoming parliamentary elections!

Dr. Elfiqi justified that while an intellectual may be suitable to take responsibility and serve the country, he may lack the charisma to win a large number of votes, and therefore rigging the voting process to ensure his victory could become a necessity in this situation!

 Dr. Elfiqi also added that it is  important for the government to keep the current policy of appointing small number of candidates to parliament without elections "to provide those who are talented but not popular with the opportunity to serve in parliament"!

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