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MB opposition bloc confirms blocking of polling stations
MB opposition bloc confirms blocking of polling stations
Muslim Brotherhood, supporters were prevented from coming near the polling stations as both uniformed police and agents dressed in civilian clothes chased the followers and supporters from the premises
Tuesday, June 1,2010 22:06

It appears that assurances by Egypt 's president Mubarak of the fairness of the elections have gone in vain. Put into practice, his words couldn't have been farther than the truth. As many Egyptions were turned away by security forces  dressed in plain clothes and ruling party backers and prevented from casting their votes in the mid-term Shura elections on Tuesday. Some voters were later allowed inside the polling stations vote after the majority had gone home 


MB supporters asserted that only those backing the National Democratic Party had access to the voting booth


Human Rights organization criticized Egyptian regime for voting irregularities, complaining that voters were barred from entering polling stations in the Giza , Sohag, Daqhiliya and Helwan districts despite being on the election role, and other constituencies reported similar violations

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